Monday, 24 August 2015

Onion and Coriander Paratha (Koki)

I am sharing the recipe that is loved by my entire family. Onion Paratha (Famously known as Koki in Sindhi) helps you keep cool and nourish your body.
Benefits of Onion:
The onion has been used in lots of dishes since centuries. Onion is also good in terms of health benefit. Do you know Onion belongs to the family of LILY? Onion comes in different colors like white, red, yellow or green. Onion is a good source of energy. It has cooling and refreshing effect. More bitter the onion more are its health benefits
 Being rich in flavonoids helps prevent cancer and tumor
 Onions contain iron and folic acid which cures anemia.
 It helps in improving the eyesight.
 If a person is suffering from TB is advisable to eat raw onion to eradicate TB.
 Helps to maintain insulin level thus good for diabetic people too.
 Well women’s can consume onion so as to avoid calcium deficiency as it helps to maintain healthy bones.
Benefits of Coriander:
It is popularly known as dhaniya. Coriander has many health benefits attached to it. It contains vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, protein and nutritional element. We garnish our dish with coriander to add aroma. Being herb it carries lot of health benefits
 It provides strength to brain.
 It helps to digest food easily.
 It helps you have sound sleep.
 It is helpful in curing ulcers. Ulcer is the problem that most of the people face in summer.
 Coriander helps to treat swelling and sourness
 It is good for diabetic people also as it lowers blood sugar.
 Coriander helps to increase good cholesterol.
 Depression and anxiety can also be treated with the help of coriander.
Using both onion and coriander I have made a simple and easy to cook. This is ideal for breakfast.

Onion and Coriander Paratha:
Ingredients needed:
1. 2 cup of Wheat flour
2. 2 medium size Onion
3. 1 cup chopped coriander
4. 1 tsp Pomegranate Seeds crushed
5. ½ tsp Garam Masala
6. Salt to taste
7. 3 Green chilies
8. ½ tsp green chili powder
9. 1 spoon curd
10. Water to make a dough
 Take wheat flour, add the finely chopped onions.
 Add chopped coriander leaves, crushed pomegranate seeds, garam masala, salt and green chili powder, green chilies, and curd. Mix it well.
 Add water to make dough. Knead it well. Your dough should not be too soft. Make it harder than chappati dough.
 Take a little dough and make small balls as you make of chappati. Now prepare like chappati.
 Now heat the tawa and cook the paratha both sides properly. While frying paratha on tawa add little oil. Apply oil on both the sides.
 Your Onion – coriander paratha is ready.
 You can enjoy this wonderful paratha with chutney or curd or with butter milk.
Butter Milk:-

 1 bowl Curd
 1 tsp zeera powder
 ½ tsp hing powder
 Rock salt
 Beat the curd properly.
 Now add good amount of water. Add zeera powder, hing powder and rock salt.
Zeera powder is good to keep our system cool. Hing powder helps in digestion

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