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How to remove pimples from face?

Pimples are annoying and they look ugly on face.
Invest in a facial cleanser! If you have dry skin go with a cream, where as if you have oily go for a one that foams or a gel (that is oil free) or if you have combination skin go for a gel (a foaming one can work also).

Type of Face
If you don't know what type skin you have this is how you check.First wash your face with warm water. Then PAT your skin dry (do not rub your face as this can cause the same effect of picking or squeezing your pimples, which you don't want). For the next hour try and not touch your face, then after the hour is up apply rice paper or cleaning tissue to your face.
1) If the paper sticks to the whole or most of your face and becomes translucent in some spots then you have oily skin
2) If it doesn't stick to your face at all you have dry skin
3) If it sticks to only or mostly your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combination skin.

You need to use your cleanser preferably twice a day but once a day should be fine. With that you need to wash your face (NO SOAP because soap dries out the skin, not good even for oily skin) twice a day.

Just drink alot of water and try to eat fruits and veggies. Wash your face before you go to bed and wake up.
Try to wash your face all the time don't use any crap product and eat only dry food ,,don't eat oily food...its remove your pimple very soon.

Causes for pimples:

1) Unhygienic face
2) Excess exposure to sun light
3) Pollution
4) Improper eating habits
5) Excess usage of soap
6) Not drinking enough water

How to remove pimples permenantly:
1) Keep the face clean and hygiene - When we go out, our face gets exposed to loads of chemicals and the dust particles gets accumulated on the face especially if the skin is oily. This is the most common cause of pimple on face. In order to prevent this, make sure to keep cleansing pads with you and clean your face regularly. Also, try to wash your face twice or thrice with the warm water and face gels.

2) Avoid using Soap on the face - Avoid soap as it can dry out the skin and further irritate it, this in turn leads to more oil production from the sebaceous glands which indirectly lead to acne and pimples.

3) Make sure the pillow used while sleeping is clean - While we sleep, our face gets direct contact with the cover sheet of pillow. Make sure the sheet you using is bacterial free and clean the sheet every 2 to 3 days. Once a week, remove the sheet and keep the pillow in the sunlight which naturally cleans out the pillow and makes it bacterial free.

4) Reduce the hard make up usage - Try to use a light make up when going out as dust get stick to hard make ups. Also many a times, make up products blocks the skin pores which reduce the oxygen flow in the skin.

5) Wash your face with warm water twice or thrice in a day - This is the most easiest to do. Keep washing your face with warm water as it opens the skin pores that may get blocked due to pollution thus ensures the proper flow of oxygen and keep the skin healthy.

6) Eat lots of fruits - Natural fruits have lots of anti-oxidants. Fruits helps in generation of natural oil which is beneficial for the face.


7) Cover the face with a scarf - While moving out into crowded places, try to cover your face with a scarf. This makes sure the skin is prevented against harmful dust and chemicals.

8) Apply tooth paste, curd, papaya, etc - Toothpaste can help to dry out pimples and it also reduces swelling faster. Curd is considered as a natural moisturizer for face. Try to apply them just before taking bath and leave them for 10 minutes.

General tips :

1) Drink enough water. How much water is enough to drink?
2) Keep your face clean
3) Use warm water to wash your face
4) Keep your pillow clean
5) Apply moisturizer10 Most Simple and Effective Tips for Beautiful Young Looking Skin

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