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5 Effective Ways to Hide Pimples?

Getting the pimple is annoying. Moreover, it is irritating if you get on the special day – be it best friend’s wedding or the college re-union, a birthday party or going out with your date. Sometimes even though you take good skin care before the D-Day, the blemishes pops-up just a day before leaving you tensed and dry.
Well, however now there is nothing to worry. As today, we are going to highlight the different ways to hide pimples for hours to keep you look refreshed and enjoy your special day with your loved ones.
Cheat Sheet: Hide your pimples

Don’t ever fret out: Often times when we see the pimple, especially before the D-Day, chances are we try to banish it out with the nails or otherwise. Hold that temptation by all means. Beauty experts across the world sure on to avoid the same, at any cost. In the long run, it not only spoil’s your skin but increase the chances of re-occurrence of pimples. First rule is – “Don’t be harsh to your skin. Love your skin.” Loving your skin and yourself makes you happy and adds a natural glow to your face.

2)Apply Right Ingredients: If you have got that unwanted pop-up on the day before, you might want to try these grand-ma’s recipe.
Apply enough tooth-paste (not the gel based, the real tooth paste) on the blemish and cover it completely. Let it dry for 15 to 30 minutes and then wash with cold water. Toothpaste, as confirmed by top dermatologist, helps in drying out the part of the skin where it has been applied. However avoid this if your skin is too sensitive.
Make the paste of baking soda mixed with water and apply on the affected area. Splash cold water to remove the dried mixture and pat dry with clean towel.
Before brushing your teeth, apply the morning spit on the affected area. This morning spit contains many natural ingredients that help in fading out zit naturally.
Apply ice on the affected area. The cold effect of ice helps in reducing the swelling and redness. It also helps in flattening the pimple to the greater extent.


3) Hide with make-up: If all the above remedies fail, yet do not worry. The right make-up will put in place all the zits.
Dab the cold water / ice on the face couple of times before you start applying make-up. Pat dry with clean towel.
Apply the thick blanket of a concealer exactly on the middle of the zit. Make use of pointy cosmetic brush to apply the coat of concealer. Spread it all over the pimple to effectively cover it completely. Be careful enough to not to break it.
Apply the layer of foundation on your face. If your skin is too dry, try applying a bit of moisturizer before applying foundation.
Then apply the dab of powder over the concealer, keeping the affected area in focus, in order to hide the zits.

4) Drink enough of water: Drinking enough water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body thereby helps in keeping the skin clear.How much water is enough to drink?


5) Be Confident: Never get yourself upset for such a small pop-up. And never try to make a mountain out of a molehill. Have confidence in yourself. Just a small pimple will not hinder in your happiness. You are more beautiful than you ever think. In fact you are the perfect gem. Go for it girl. Love yourself and play confidently. The world outside is waiting to meet you and share the feeling of happiness with you.

Have you got the pimple on the D-Day? How have you treated it? Do share your experience with our readers.
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