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How to use Amla Hair Oil for maximum benefit?

Choosing the right hair oil is as important as applying it regularly. Amla oil not only helps in keeping the scalp clean but also helps in promoting the healthy hair growth and protects hair from drying and premature greying. Amla Oil can be used like any other oil for scalp treatment and deep conditioning. Here are some of the basic tried and tested recipes for specific treatment.
1) Amla Oil Tonic for preventing graying of hair
a. 1 tbsp Amla Oil
b. 1 tbsp Almond Oil
c. 8 – 10 Kadipatta leaves
d. Add all the ingredients and heat it till the kadipatta turns black. Switch the gas off once the smoke is coming out. Once it is cooled down, massage on your scalp. Leave it overnight.
e. You can apply this two times in a week for better results. It maintains the natural colour of your tresses and gradually you will notice the reduction in graying of hairs.

2) Hair Growth Recipe with Amla Oil
a. 1 tbsp Amla Oil
b. 1 tbsp Amla Powder
c. Few drops of lemon juice
d. Few drops of lavender oil
e. 2 tbsp of water
f. Mix all the ingredients to make the thick paste. Apply on scalp, especially on the bald patches. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash with your regular shampoo and conditioner. This remedy is very good to get back the lost hair, treat the damaged hair and thereby making it stronger.

3) Amla oil to add extra shine
a. 1 tbsp Amla Oil
b. 1 tbsp Coconut Oil
c. 1 tbsp Argan Oil
d. 1 tbsp of Curd
e. Few drops of Honey
f. Few drops of aleo vera
g. Mix all the ingredients and heat it. Get the mixture to the room temperature and apply on scalp, especially on the tips. Leave it overnight. Wash with your regular shampoo and conditioner the next day. This mixture will make your hair soft, smooth, silky and vibrant


4) Final Rinse by Amla Oil
a. 1 tbsp Amla Oil
b. 4 – 5 Dried Amla
c. ½ Bucket Water
d. Sock dried amla and amla oil in the water overnight. Use it as final rinse to nourish your hair from within. It is the natural conditioner for your hair and proved to be successful to treat the dry and rough hair.

5) Amla Oil to treat Dandruff and lice
a. 1 tbsp Amla Oil
b. 1 tbsp Neem Oil
c. 10 Tulsi Leaves
d. Few drops of lemon juice
e. Grind Tulsi leaves with little water. Add it in to the rest of the ingredients. Warm it and apply evenly on your scalp. Cover it with shower cap. Wrap it with hot towel for 30 – 60 minutes and wash with shampoo and conditioner.

General rule of applying amla hair oil:
1) Dry your hair and scalp completely. Make sure there is no sweat on your scalp.
2) Depending upon the length of your hair, talk amla hair oil in the bowl.
3) It can be used as hot oil or cold oil. Soak fingers in the oil and gently massage onto your scalp with your fingertips.
4) It is beneficial to keep it overnight and wash it with your favourite shampoo next day. If you are short of time, apply oil, wrap it with hot towel so as the oil gets absorbed quickly. After 30 – 45 minutes, you can proceed with the hair wash.


Home-made Oil Recipe
Oil like coconut oil / mineral oil / almond oil / sesame seeds oil are taken as base to make the amla oil. Usually Amla Fruit is either directly soaked in the base oil as mentioned above or dried powdered of amla fruit is infused in the base oil for sometime and the resulting oil is the amla oil. Here I have mentioned couple of recipes that can be prepared at home easily.
Amla in the base oil like coconut oil / mineral oil / almond oil / sesame seeds oil:
 Cut Amla fruit into pieces and dry it out in sun.
 Make the powder of dried amla
 Mix fenugreek seeds powder and amla powder
 Heat coconut oil in pan
 Once the oil has reached the boiling point, add the fenugreek and amla powder mixture
 Wait till the powder turns brown. Stir continuously. Ensure that the mixture does not turn black or burn.
 Switch of the gas. Let it cool. Drain and store it in bottle.>

Amla Hair Oil Brands in India
 Dabur Amla Hair Oil
 Nihar Naturals Shanti Amla Hair Oil
 Khadi Pure Amla Herbal Hair Oil
 Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil
 Purenaturals Herb Rich Amla Hair Oil
 Jovees Amla and Beal Revitalizing Hair Tonic
 Jiva Amla Non Sticky Hair Oil
 Khadi Amla and Brahmi Hair Oil
 Swati Ayurveda Brahmi Amla Hair Oil
 Brahmi Amla Hair Oil
 Prakriti Herbals Amla Hibiscus Fenugreek Nourishing Hair oil

End messy hair day and take care of your tresses by making the weekly routine of applying amla hair oil
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Scarf: Must have for 2 wheeler travelers

Scarf: Must have for 2 wheeler travelers

Long drives is the ultimate fun during the cold winters. Isn't? Clear roads, cool winds, no signals, my two wheeler and me. Whenever I get the chance I pounce on it and move out to ride. Though I prefer riding than sitting behind, but there are certain times when the driver is not me.
As it is said every coin has two sides, similarly, no matter how much fun it is to ride but it leaves out the bad effect on skin and hair due to reasons like pollution, harmful sun rays, etc.
Well, don't fret out. There is this one accessory which can prevent us from all the problems. It is called scarf.
Reasons why wearing scarf is good while for the ones riding a two wheeler:
Scarf, apart from fashion and styling proves to be a great protection from sun and wind. It protects your hair from the mess and thereby prevents from tangling.
Scarf also helps in protecting your make up and keeps the dirt at bay. The moisturized skin and lips are prone to attract dirt. This dirt if not cleaned go inside the skin and spoils the quality of your skin. To prevent it make use of scarf
Scarf plays an important role in preventing us from the harmful sun rays thereby prevent our skin from tanning.
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, scarf prevents us from inhaling the harmful gas that is generated because of the pollution.

Other obvious reasons why scarf is good to wear
It protect us from foul odour
It protect us from mosquitoes
It also helps to avoid glimpses and stares from the roadside Romeos
To stay cool during summer
To stay warm during winter

Share with us do you wear a scarf while riding? If yes what are your reasons?
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How to maintain health during winters?

Winter season is the most loved season. Winters are around and I hope everyone out there is enjoying this cozy cool winds. With all the enjoyment, however this freezing temperature, low humidity brings with itself various health issues. Today I am going to compile how to remain healthy in winter season.

Improve your immune system: There is no question that healthy inside is healthy outside. Keep your immune system healthy and strong by intake of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Green leafy vegetables are the hit to keep your immune system strong. Fruits like papaya, oranges, grapes, etc helps too.

Exercise is important: Colder mornings are no excuse to avoid exercise. Exercise is the key to attain and maintain the fitness. When I say exercise, I nowhere say outdoor exercise. If you are not in a mood to step outside, opt for indoor exercise. Always remember that body movement is essential to remain fit.

Vitamin D: Once you follow the second point mentioned above, you body will feel warmer than before. Now as you are feeling warmer, move outside. By moving outdoors, you are giving the much required Vitamin D to your body. Your body will thank you enough for the sunshine on the colder days. This will automatically makes you happy and content in the start of the day. So move outside and sing “Give me some sunshine, don’t give any rain”

Hydrate yourself: It is common in winter season to not to feel thirsty. But it is very important to drink water at regular intervals. Read here to know How much water is enough to drink?Healthier options like soups and warm liquids also helps in keeping your body hydrated.

Sleep and sleep more: Though nights are longer than day during winter season, we tend and feel to sleep more during colder mornings. It is normal to feel this and I suggest enjoying the extra time resting during winter season

Stay Active: You love to stay indoors in the blanket having popcorn watching your favourite movie. Isn’t it looks like the dream? But to remain healthy in the winter season do not do that on regular basis. Sleeping more, being lazy is fine once in a while. However to maintain a good health it is important for your body to move and stay active. Being active helps your muscles to remain warm thereby making it less prone to injury


Stay Warm: Keep yourself warm by wearing scarves, socks and gloves. Looking stylish and fashionable is the added advantage of wearing these accessories.

Moisturize Baby: Worst part of winter is, it makes your skin and hair dry. Dry cool air makes it even worst. Well, not to be saddened, the beauty industry has found the solution for it. Make use of deep conditioning on your body and hair to make it smooth and loveable. Don’t forget to do moisturize your body on daily basis.

Keep infections at bay: Winter diseases like cold, cough, etc are always contagious in nature. The infection and virus spread faster if not kept cleanliness in mind. Make use of tissues; cover your mouth / nose, washing your hands are the basic requirements to keep the infection at bay

Eat healthy: Drinking soup is healthier option to keep your body hydrated. But adding the dollop of butter in the soup is not. You may love eating fried snacks during lazy cool evenings. But they are not the healthier options. Watch out what you drink and eat during winter season to remain healthy

Enjoy the cool cool winters but don’t forget to stay healthy
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Should we scrub our scalp?

We all love long beautiful healthy hair. We do follow various different hair care regime that are essential to keep our hair long and shiny. The basic and utmost important thing that helps your hair to grow faster is "Clean and dirt free scalp"
Why you should scrub your scalp?

In this polluted world, it is obvious and very easy to have dirt built up on scalp. Like on skin, scalp to, develop the dead cells because of built up dirt.
To treat it, we shampoo every now and then. However during the winter days, it becomes difficult to shampoo it frequently due to cold season. Another big reason to avoid shampooing very frequently is because it dries out the scalp and hair.
One of the ways to avoid frequent hair wash is to clean your scalp thoroughly on the day you wash your hair. Scrubbing your scalp helps in achieving the same. Various hair specialists have also suggested that scrubbing of hair is essential to keep the hair clean and to prevent hair loss. On the other hand, scrubbing your scalp helps in removing the stubborn dirt and thereby preventing you from frequent hair wash.
What is not scrubbing?
It is my sincere effort to put it here that scratching and removing the white flakes from the scalp is not scrubbing. People who suffer from issues of dandruff find themselves scratching their scalp hard. Please note this kind of scratching or rubbing your scalp is not at all healthy. In fact it makes your scalp skin irritate which can results in skin infection. If you are suffering from itchy skin, treat it with homemade remedies. One of the old age remedy is to apply lemon juice mixed with baking soda on scalp for 15 minutes and then wash it with shampoo as usual. But never try to scratch the scalp to get the relief.

Benefits of Scrubbing your Scalp
Let us know have a look at various benefits of scrubbing the scalp
It helps in removing excess oil
IT helps in getting rid of impurities
Improves blood circulation
Removes product build up
Helps in fighting dandruff
Clarifies the scalp
Helps in removing dead skin cells

Types of Scrub for scalp
Exfoliating your scalp helps to bring back the lost lustre. You can opt for readymade scrubs or homemade ones for your scalp
Readymade Scrubs
Natural Tech Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo
Salon Science Hydrofoliant Scalp Scrub
LEIMO Scalp & Body Scrub

Homemade Scrub
2 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp oatmeal powder
2 tbsp hair conditioner
15 drops of amla oil / almond oil
Mix all the ingredients to make the smooth paste.

How to apply scrub on scalp?
1) Sprinkle some water on your scalp.
2) Take some homemade / readymade scrub on your finger tips
3) Apply on your scalp thoroughly in the circular motion
4) Leave it for 15 - 20 minutes.
5) Move your fingers on your scalp in circular motion making in order to remove the scrub and dirt. You can also make use of scrubbing brushes to scrub your scalp. But keep in mind to use the soft bristle brush and the movement should be slow and gentle.
6) Once removed, shampoo and condition as usual.


How frequently we can use the scalp scrub?
Usage of scalp scrub depends on various parameters like your hair type, weather, pollution etc in your hair. However the safest is to use scalp scrub once in a week. If you have too much dry hair try using it once in 15 days to prevent all the more drying out of the scalp skin.
Is Scalp Scrub Healthy?
Yes scalp scrub is good for the scalp health. It helps in blood circulation and keeps the dirt built up thereby giving you the healthy hair.

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7 Tested Home Remedies to get Relief from Back Pain

Home Remedies to get Relief from Back Pain
Backaches are so painful that it can make your life standstill. Even the slight movement becomes difficult for the people suffering from the backache.
Yesterday I discussed about how to strengthen your back. Hope you are have incorporated all 8 tips in your daily life to give yourself the healthy back.
However sometimes, irrespective of how much careful you are, you suffer from the backache. Times when you are suffering from the backache the below mentioned home remedies comes as handy to treat it.
Today I am listing here the few home remedies that I have personally tried and have got the relief.
1) Heat Treatment: Heat treatment is the age old method to get the relief from the back pain. Take two cups of water in the pan and heat it. When water starts boiling, switch off the gas and put the boiling water in the bottle. Make use of Heat Pads or heat bottles. Avoid pouring it in plastic bottles for obvious reasons. Put this bottle of hot water on the affected area. To get the relief quickly apply iodex / move and then keep the hot water bottle on the back.

2) Honey: It won’t be wrong to term Honey as the product with full of medicinal properties. To get relief from the back ache use this remedy every morning. Mix 1 tbsp raw honey with warm water and drink it on empty stomach every morning. This will not only helps in relieving the backache but also improves overall health

3) Calcium: As we age, the requirement of the calcium by our bones increases. Weakness in bones can results in pain in knees, back and other body parts. Hence doctors advise to have the calcium rich food like banana, dairy products, dark leafy vegetables, soyabean, etc on the daily basis. Increase the intake of calcium rich food.

4) Garlic Oil: Garlic Oil has the properties that can reduce the pain of the back ache to the greater extent. Take few drops of garlic oil in the bowl and heat it. With your finger tips apply the warm oil on the back in the circular motion. Massage it lightly and sleep on your back straight for some time. You can repeat this after every 3 hours till you are relieved from the pain.
Garlic Oil is easily available in stores. However, if you wish to make it at home, here is the method for your ready reference
10 Garlic Cloves
10 ml coconut oil / mustard oil
Pour milk in the frying pan and heat it. Add garlic cloves
Heat it till it is golden brown.
Switch off the gas and let the oil get cool. Once cooled drain it and pour it in bottle. Use it as required.

Apart from this, you should also increase the intake of garlic in your diet for quicker relief.


5) Raw Potato: Raw Potato is also the wonderful treatment for back pain. Cut the raw potato in circles. Apply it on your back. The liquid of the raw potato has the properties that help in curing backaches.

6) Vitamin C: Apart from Calcium, Vitamin C is another important item which is required to keep the backache at bay. In order to get the relief from back pain, intake around 1500 mg of Vitamin C daily. Food items like citrus fruits, berries, pepper, guavas, kale, etc are rich in Vitamin C.

7) Lemon: Lemon is another great remedy for back pain and a natural source of Vitamin C. Squeeze the fresh lemon. Add a pinch of sugar and salt and mix in one glass of water. Drink it every morning to get a relief from the back ache.

Are there any other remedies you have tried to get the relief from back ache which are not covered here? If yes, don’t forget to share with us and our readers to get benefit from it.

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How to make BB Cream at Home?

BB creams hit the Asian beauty industry in late 2011 - early 2012 and since then has been a huge hit. You can call it Blemish Balm, Beblesh Balm, Blemish Base or Beauty Balm.

What is BB Cream?

BB Cream is basically the mixture of 6 essential beauty products - Moisturizer, Serum, primer, concealer, foundation and sun-block. The beauty product manufacturers combine these beauty products in the secret ratio to form the BB cream for different skin types. It won't be wrong to say that BB cream is a multi-tasker product for beautiful skin.

According to Wikipedia, Dr. Christine Schrammek is the creator of BB cream. The BB cream came into existence in Germany in 1960. Dr. Christine was looking for the product which can take care of the skin of the people who has gone through the facial surgery. She developed the product popularly known as BB Cream especially for her patients who used it post facial surgery.

Why BB Creams are hit in beauty industry?

As BB Creams play a significant role of protecting your skin from harmful UV rays in addition of hiding the spots to give you the perfect moisturized glowing skin.

Secondly, you don't have to worry about multiple products. It won’t be wrong to say that BB Creams are all-in-one beauty product and you are done within 2 minutes by using it. Saves time in this fast paced world. What else we need?

In other words, BB Cream:

- Hydrate and moisturize the skin
- Protect skin from UV Rays
- Cover the blemishes / dark spots
- Perfectly tint the skin and make it even toned
- Make it radiant, smooth and young looking skin

How to choose the BB Cream:

Like any other beauty products, BB Cream should also be chosen according to your skin type and tone. If you are oily skin beauty, choose a matte touch BB Cream. Most obviously a moisturized BB cream should be chosen by the dry skin beauties.

The colour of BB Cream should be one tone lighter to your skin tone. However, the problem is BB cream comes in limited shades. Finding the perfect shade according to your skin tone is really a task. Hence I am here listing down here a simple to make BB Cream at home.

You will need:

- 4 tbsp face moisturizer
- 1 tbsp Serum
- 1 tbsp Concealer
- 1 tbsp sunscreen
- 2 tbsp foundation (liquid)
- 2 pumps primer
- 2 tbsp powder


- Combine all the ingredients in the bowl and mix well for 5 - 10 minutes.
- It should be little creamy in consistency. Else add the powder if too liquid or moisturizer if too thick.
- Pour it in bottle and store it at cool place
- Use home-made BB Cream that is custom made for your skin tone as and when required to look and feel your best

How to apply Home Made BB Cream

- Clean your face with the face wash to remove any dirt if any
- Pat dry your face with soft clean towel
- Take small amount of BB Cream on your palm.
- With the help of the fingers apply the BB Cream on your face as dots. Make sure you apply on all parts of your face viz forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, front side and back side of the ears and neck.
- Blend the dots of bb cream; pat the cream with your fingertips in the circular motion to give you perfect glowing skin. Be sure to blend it in upward / outward motion.


Please note, if you are darker skin toned, add a bit of foundation in the BB Cream while applying it to cover the imperfections.

Make the BB Cream at home, and let us know the result via comments.

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End messy hair day with AMLA OIL

Is your scalp bothering you? Are you suffering from excessive hair loss? Is your hair dry and rough? Are problems like dandruff and thinning of hair making the condition of your hair worse?
As indicated by specialists, issues happen in light of the fact that dampness prompts inordinate sweat and the excessive oil excretion. Oil and sweat emissions have a tendency to adhere to hair and scalp. On top of it there is no solution of pollution in our country.
To treat this - one needs to wash hair all the more every now and again to keep it clean and dirt free. Continuous wash results in making it dry and fizzle.

Now what? Not to stress, various experts have provided multiple recommendations to end your messy hair day. Amla oil is one of major solution for each and every hair woes. An excellent nutritional and rejuvenating hair product, Amla Hair Oil, is a great hair tonic that proficiently keeps up the quality, strength and beauty of your Hair. Amla hair oil is the complete nourishment for your scalp and significantly keeps scalp infection at bay.
Amla oil is made of amla fruit which is also known as Emblica Officinalis or Indian Gooseberries or Phyllanthus emblica or Amalaki. Amla fruit has been respected since centuries as the fruitful ingredient for shampoos and oils with the numerous benefits to maintain the health of the hair. The greatness of amla is so generally perceived in Ayurveda that all the well known aged writings have talked about its preventive, helpful and therapeutic handiness and lauded its exceptional beneficial and curative qualities. All the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha has been pacified into amla herb.
Amla Oil Properties: Amla oil has the cooling effect and possesses phytochemicals, gallic acid and ellagic acid. It is the rich source of essential fatty acids. Amla oil’s anti inflammatory properties and anti-microbial properties helps in keeping the scalp clean and clear of dandruff and other scalp infections.
Benefits of Amla Oil
Amla hair oil is an exceptionally beneficial and enriching for hair growth. Amla meets expectations by entering deep into the hair and scalp, fortifying the hair shaft and feeding it. Regular usage of Amla hair oil will work as the tonic for your scalp and hair thereby results in soft, shiny and healthy hair growth. It won’t be wrong to say that amla hair oil is the complete nourishment from root to tip.

1) Condition astringent – Deep condition can be achieved with the help of amla oil as it easily and quickly absorbs in the scalp. Pamper and nourish your hair with amla oil massage.
2) Prevents Premature Graying – Amla oil when used regularly has proved time and again to maintain the dark colour of hair. To delay the graying of your hair start using amla oil on regular basis.
3) Strengthen the roots – thereby prevents hair loss and promotes healthy growth. It won’t be wrong to say that regular amla hair oil massage results in hair strengthening and hair growth naturally. When used regularly, this hair oil makes the hair stronger from within.
4) Controls Dandruff - Amla is filled with anti – bacterial properties thereby helps in controlling the problems of scalp with regards to dandruff. Soak tulsi leaves in amla oil for couple of days. Apply on the affected area for better results.
5) Prevents Split ends - Amla oil has been proved to strengthen the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth thereby results in preventing split ends.
6) Scalp Cleansing – Cleansing Agent thereby nourishes hair. Due to presence of anti-bacterial and astringent properties, amla hair oil, helps in preventing infection to the great extent.
7) Treat dry & frizzy hair – Make amla oil your best friend if you are suffering from rough and damaged hair. Amla oil is one of the best oil available in Indian market to make your tresses smooth and silky.

8) Improves hair quality and promotes shine - Amla oil is known to be effective for improving hair quality.
9) Excellent Pre-poo oil - Massaging your hair before shampooing is important to improve blood circulation. Amla hair oil is the great product to be used for prepoo and it is very effective to provide the required nutrition to your hair thereby improving the quality of scalp and hair.
10) Control in hair fall - Calcium C Deficiency, lack of cleanliness and dryness in hair results in breakage. Amla hair oil helps in resolving all the above problems and helps in maintaining hygiene thereby controlling the excessive hair fall.
11) Promotes good night sleep and release stress and tension. Cons of using Amla Hair Oil
Let us now talk about the other side of Amla oil for hair. As famously said every coin has two sides, there are few disadvantages associated with using Amla oil for hair on the regular basis.
1) Not suitable in winter season / to people who are prone to cold. Many people have experienced sinus problems during winter season after applying amla oil.
2) You have to be patient to see the results. It surely helps in the healthy hair growth but if you are the person who is looking for quick result, amla hair oil will disappoint you. However, the results will be amazingly beneficial if the amla oil is applied on scalp for 5 – 6 months regularly.
3) Pure amla oil is difficult to get. Artificial fragrance and preservatives are added in amla hair oil that is available in market. It is better to opt for the home made amla oil for maximum benefits.
Gift yourself with healthy and shinny hair by adding the amla hair oil massage into your hair care routine. Click here to read how to use amla oil for maximum benefit.

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