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Homemade Masks for Rough Skin

Before talking on various homemade facial masks that will help in treating the rough skin and convert it to baby type smooth and supple skin, we need to first understand why our skin becomes rough and dry. Main causes of skin becoming rough and dry are lack of hydration of skin, applying harmful chemicals in the form of soaps, cosmetics, dry weather etc. Read this article to know what dermatologists like Dr. Cynthia Bailey, California, and Doctor Laurence BEILLE, Grenoble says about “Why is my skin rough and dry?”
It is very much possible to change your skin tone from rough and patchy to smooth flawless glowing tone. However it requires the dedication and regular efforts to achieve the change. Today I am here listing down 10 face packs that are tested to deal with rough skin
Sandalwood + Rose Water + Almond Oil: You can bring life to your skin by applying this mixture on your face. Sandalwood is the secret for fairer and smooth flawless skin. For this mix 1 tbsp of Sandalwood Powder in 1 tbsp of Rose Water. Mix well to make the smooth paste. Add few drops of Almond Oil to the mixture. Apply this paste of moist face for 15 minutes and then wash with lukewarm water.

Honey + Papaya: To treat the dullness and dryness you can make use of papaya face pack. Take ripe papaya and mash it with spoon. Once it is mashed properly add 1 tbsp of raw honey. Apply generously on your face and neck. This mixture has the added advantage to give your skin loads of nutrients and thereby making it glow naturally.

Almond + Milk Cream: Almond and Milk cream is the ultimatum remedy for dry, rough and flaky skin. Keep 4 – 5 almonds in water overnight. In the morning, grind almond to make the fine powder. Keep the water separately for later use. Mix the almond powder with milk cream. Apply this mixture on your face for 15 minutes. Once the mixture is dried out, apply the water in which almonds were soaked on your fingers. And with circular motion slowly move your fingers on your face to remove the dried almond mixture. Do this for another five minutes. Wash of your face with almond soak water and pat dry to remove the dryness from the skin.

Banana + Turmeric Powder + Yogurt: Vitamin and Potassium content of banana helps in smoothening of the rough and flaky skin. When mixed with turmeric powder and yogurt it makes your skin young and refreshed. Like Papaya Mask, mash the ripe banana until smooth consistency is achieved. Add ½ tsp of turmeric powder and 1 tbsp of curd and mix well. Apply this mixture on your face to get glowing skin.


Olive Oil + Curd + Besan: Olive oil has the properties to treat all beauty woes. Olive oil by itself has many properties and helps in moisturizing your skin. In the mixture of curd and besan, mix enough quantity of olive oil to treat your dry skin.

Below are few more mixtures that can help in treating the dry and rough skin.
6) Egg Yolk + Honey
7) Mayonnaise + Oatmeal Powder
8) Avocado + Coconut Oil
9) Cucumber + Orange Peel Powder + Lemon Juice
10) Tomato + baking soda + Olive Oil


Do you suffer from rough skin? What different methods you have tried to deal with the dry rough skin problems?
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Why is my skin rough and dry?

Many girls in different parts of the world suffer from dry and rough skin. Today, I am going to discuss on why our skin becomes dry, how we can deal with it and treat it. In this article, I will briefly cover the precautions to be taken to keep the rough skin at bay. So let us start with why our skin becomes rough according to dermatologist.
Expert voices on why our skin becomes rough and dry
Skin becomes rough, according to Dr. Cynthia Bailey (Dermatologist, California), when it loses both water and natural skin oils. She further says that transepidermal water loss (body’s water escaping more easily) and soaps that penetrate deeply into skin withdraws the natural oils results in making skin vulnerable thereby creating it rough and patchy. So as per Dr. Bailey, the main causes of rough skin are lack of hydration and usage of harsh soaps.
Doctor Laurence BEILLE, Dermatologist, Grenoble agrees with Dr. Bailey on both the reasons. In addition Dr. Beille says, dry skin is genetic problem as well. He also says excess of anything is always harmful, for eg: too much physical traumas by excess exfoliation, frequent washing, etc also results in dryness and roughness.
Let us further check if there are any other causes to make your skin rough and dry

Causes of Rough and Dry Skin
Here are few more reasons apart from what has been mentioned above that are responsible to make your skin rough, patchy and dry.
Missing out exfoliation in your beauty regime can result in rough and dry skin.
Treat it - Exfoliate your skin once / twice a week. Don’t overdo it. Else as Dr. Bielle said excess exfoliation can also results in making your skin dry.

Lack of moisturizing is another reason for rough skin.
Heal it - Moisturize it couple of times in a day. Once immediately after bath in the morning and secondly before going to bed.

Lack of clean up and dead skin build up on the long run results in rough and patchy skin
Treat it - Do regular clean up. It is must to wash your face every time you have sweated a lot. Before going to bed, no matter how tired you are, never forget to remove entire make-up and clean your face.


As we age, the natural process of replacement of dead cells become less active
Heal it - Follow the balanced diet combined with effective exercise routine. It is also important to take good night sleep. Make use of anti-aging treatments to keep your skin refreshed irrespective of your age.

Lack of hydration and water intake
Treat it - Drink, drink and drink more. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated externally as well as internally. How much water is enough to drink?

Environmental factors like skin exposure to sun, low humidity etc also makes the skin rough
Heal it - Cover your face before moving out in sun. Using sunscreen daily is compulsory irrespective of whether you are indoor / outdoor

Low quality soaps and cosmetics
Treat it - Make use of soapless without foam clean ups. Check out with your dermatologist the best suited cosmetics and beauty products according to your skin type

Chronic skin conditions like exzema, rosacea, chicken skin, etc also makes skin rough and dry
Heal it - Check out with your dermatologists for the best possible way to treat your skin.


Usage of hot water while bath also results in making skin dry and rough
Treat it – Make use of lukewarm water. Extreme cold or hot water is strict no-no.

Dry skin is often thinner and is more vulnerable to wrinkles. It wrinkles faster because it is less resistant than properly hydrated skin. Hence it is important to take care of your skin on the regular basis to keep the age related problems at bay.
In the next article, we will discuss How to change rough skin to smooth and clear skin with homemade packs? Till that time let us know - Do you suffer from dry skin problems? What remedies you have adopted? Which one remedy was the most successful one?
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Best Indoor Exercises to Lose Weight

My inner voices (Lazy Me & Active Me) fight with each other when the time is to hit for the exercise.
Lazy Me: “It is so hot outside. It is getting difficult day after day to go out in morning for jogging and running.”
Active Me: “Don’t worry you have to gear yourself up. It is you who will be benefited with the exercises.”
Lazy Me: “I know but all my stamina goes away because of this hot I must say ever hot sun as soon as I start it.”
Active Me: “I know you will not budge. Let me give you some tips on how to remain indoors and yet be Fit”
Lazy Me: “No don’t go further; I don’t have enough time to join the gym now. You already know so many things needs to be tackled.”
Active Me: "You found another excuse. That’s it. Let me tell you, you can get fitter even by not going to gym. Ok I don’t underestimate here the importance of gym. I am just motivating you as you are stuck up at the moment with other priorities. You surely have to kick start and join it as soon as you have enough time. However till that time let’s do something at home"
Lazy Me: "Stop it man. I am so upset. Neither I have enough money to afford high tech machineries that gym has nor do I have any space left in my room to keep those machineries. It is all dreamy. Leave it” Active Me: “You are here to just talk and talk and give excuses. Let me take you to the article on Indoor Exercises that are available on Fitness Beauty Plus Website. I am sure it will change your attitude."
Hello Lazy Bees. Welcome. Many people leave the outdoor workout due to various reasons ranging from climate changes to less availability of time / money. There are other times when we are out of the city may be on some picnic / work related trip it becomes very difficult to find out the correct way to exercise. Whatever you reason is don’t be afraid. The Fitness section of Fitness Beauty Plus is here to encourage you on how to get yourself fit through various kind of endurance, strength, flexibility and balance based exercise which can be performed indoors.
Advantages of working indoors - Very Little Preparation, Convenience, Privacy, Can take care of children who can’t be left alone, weather in your control, and so on and so forth.
Before moving further let us get ready for those exercises.
• Put up some music.
• Don’t forget to do the warm up.
• Be in comfortable clothes.
• Wear the shoes.
• Stay hydrated.


Let me introduce you to some of the indoor exercise. Exercise can be divided into following four categories. For each category I will mention the meaning, advantages, disadvantages, techniques and conditions when it should be avoided in the future posts.

Flexibility Exercise – Stretching is the key in doing flexibility exercises. By regularly doing flexibility exercise you will gain the freedom of movement with lesser muscle tensions.
o Head Nod, Tilt and Turn
o Shoulder and upper arm stretch
o Arm, Wrist and Elbow Circles
o Side bend and stretching
o Upper body stretch
o Leg Stretches
o Calf stretch
o Hip, Ankle and Knee Circles
o Yoga or Pilates

Endurance / Cardiovascular – All type of Aerobic exercise falls under this category. Cardio means “heart” and vascular refers to blood vessels. If performed regularly these kind of exercise will help in healthier lungs and heart. It helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body.
o Brisk walking or jogging
o Yard work (mowing, raking, digging, gardening)
o Dancing
o Swimming
o Bicycling
o Climbing stairs or hills
o Playing tennis
o Playing basketball


Strength Training – Also known as Resistance training which helps in building strong bones and muscles. If you have to put an extra effort on walking or carrying the shopping bags it is because of the weak bones. To increase the stamina strengthen the muscles is the key.
o Lifting weights, elastic bands, plastic tubes
o Using a resistance band
o Calisthenics

Balance – The exercise that enhances balance and co-ordination falls under this category. This will definitely help in older age as at that age people are tend to lose balance. o Standing on one foot
o Heel-to-toe walk
o Tai Chi

Lazy Me: “My God. There are enough of options you have given to work indoors as well. Let me now stop giving any more excuses and move straight to making me fit. See you next time Active Me. Nice talking to you.”
Active Me: “Good to know that you are now convinced. Work hard and play harder for the healthy and fit life.”
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How to overcome breast feeding problems?

Being a mother makes you feel blessed and complete. Breast feeding is very important because mother’s milk is very beneficial for the baby. It can be digested easily. Breast milk is full of nutrients, proteins minerals, etc. Whatever mother consumes it passes to the baby through breast feeding.

Some women think the milk supply is insufficient. This creates tension and worry. This worry leads to formula (artificial) feeding. Stop and think again before opting for formula feeding. Do you genuinely suffer from a problem of low supply of milk or is it just your concern misleading you. Well insufficient milk production is rare. In fact many mothers have the capability to produce milk more than the suffice quantity of what child requires.
If you feel your present milk production is low still don’t worry, because it is the temporary situation. You can increase the supply of milk with the help of some corrective measures. You can consult your doctor anytime for medication. He can prescribe some medicines which can help you to increase milk supply. Our ancestors had homemade remedy for every possible problem. For low milk supply you can take cumin seeds ( 2 tbsp ) with milk thrice a day. Never feed a baby on empty stomach. Your supply would be definitely low at that time.
Below signs indicates that your milk supply is adequate:
✔ Baby urinates 7-8 times in a day.
✔ Passes a soft yellow stool once a day.
✔ Checks if your baby is gaining weight properly at least 150 gms or more per week after 2 weeks till 3 months.
✔ Your baby is healthy and alert.


✔ Iron deficiency in mothers body can lead to low supply of milk
✔ Stress can also decrease the supply of milk.
✔ Baby is not attaching well with breast.
✔ Giving artificial formula can also decrease the supply.
✔ If you take oral contraceptive pills during the breast feeding period can also low the supply of milk.
✔ Habit of smoking can become a cause of low supply of milk.
✔ Baby is not sucking your breast properly
✔ If you have done any breast surgery in the past.
✔ Medications can also be a reason for low supply. Intake of some medicines can reduce the supply. So consult your doctor first before taking any medication.
✔ No sound sleep.
✔ New born babies are mostly very sleepy. So while feeding they sleep and stimulate less. This will not help to increase the supply of milk.
✔ Nipples are cracked and they pain also. Need to treat quickly because this can result to less supply of milk.
✔ If you are suffering from thyroid you are more likely to face problem of low supply of milk.
✔ If feeding is not started immediately after birth.
✔ Jumping your scheduled feeding time table.
✔ Feeding only from one breast can lower the supply


To Increase Milk Supply:
✔ Feed frequently. At least every 2 hours.
✔ Breast feed as soon as possible after birth.
✔ If your supply is less hold the baby near your breast this can pass the sensation and thus increases prolactin hormone that produces milk. You should always be near to your baby while sleeping also this can help increase the flow.
✔ Munching while feeding your baby can also help increase the supply.
✔ Feed the baby from both the sides.
✔ If your baby is sleepy change the sides in every 10 minutes this will help you keep baby awake.
✔ Empty your breast to fill in more milk.
✔ If your baby does not empties your breast completely, do it with the help of pump
✔ Stop giving artificial formula
✔ Sound sleep; healthy and fresh food that helps in increasing milk supply.
✔ Eat only fresh food ( Avoid canned food, it contains lots of preservatives )
✔ Massage your breast.
✔ Certain medications can also help increase the supply. Consult your lactation doctor.
✔ Drink milk thrice a day. Eat healthy
✔ You can also feed baby between the feeding schedules so as to increase the supply.

Most important the first feed after baby’s birth i.e. yellow feed is must for your baby because this keeps your baby healthy and away from viral infections.

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Seven conditioner mistakes - Are you saved from these?

Are you doing these seven conditioner mistakes?
We all know that conditioner is very important to maintain the health of hair and to add that extra shine to it. Knowingly or unknowingly we sometimes handle our hair in such a way that, it not only affects the health of the hair but also results in more hair break down.
One of the research on hair washing behaviour show 43 percent of women do not apply conditioner at all. Out of 67 percent those apply conditioner, 76 percent apply conditioner in incorrect way while 81 percent of women do not properly remove the conditioner.
These shocking revelations show the need of spreading the knowledge of how important is it to apply conditioner and the correct ways of using it.

Let us first start looking at why it is important to apply conditioner: Due to the dust, pollution and washing hair with chemical based shampoo results in dryness in hair. Main purpose of conditioner is to get back the lost moisture of the hair. Maintaining the moisture of hair helps in making hair more manageable and smooth in texture. The main advantages of using conditioner after every hair wash are broadly:
Advantages of using conditioner
1) Preventing hair breakage and tangling
2) Make hair soft and smooth
3) By smoothing the cuticle makes each hair healthy
4) Enhances the condition of the hair
5) Hydrate dry hair ends thereby removing dullness from the hair
6) Increase the life of each hair

Choosing correct conditioner according to your hair type is as important as applying conditioner on hair. Out there you will find the variety of conditioners in the market. Manufacturers produce conditioner for each and every hair type.
Use Conditioner according to your hair type
Beauties with thin hair can use volumizing conditioners, while the dry and damaged hair beauties should go with extra moisturizing conditioners.
You should opt for balancing conditioners if you have oily hair type. Extra Moisturizing Conditioners are strict no-no for the ones who have oily hair type
Conditioners containing shea butter or nut oil are good for the curly hairs
The most difficult hair type is when you have the oily scalp with dry hair ends. Most of the people living in hot areas have this hair type. Also during summer season people tend to fall in this category of hair type. If you have oily hair with dry and damaged ends, apply regular shampoo on your scalp to clean the area and apply moisturizer at the hair end to make it smooth. Avoid the conditioners having silicone as it is supposed to damage the hair.


Common mistakes while using conditioners
Now, we know why the conditioner is important to use and the type of conditioner for each hair type. Let us now move ahead to see what are the common mistakes people do while applying the conditioner
1) Not squeezing water before applying conditioner: You should never apply the conditioner on water dipping hair. Before applying it squeeze the water completely from your hair.

2) Not using the proper quantity of conditioner: Quantity of the conditioner does not depend upon the dryness of the hair. You just require one tsp for the shoulder length hair. If you sport the long hair, take maximum of 1 ½ tsp for entire hair. Applying less or more will damage your hair.

3) Not applying conditioner on all the hair strands: Make sure you apply the conditioner on all the hair strands equally to ensure that each and every hair gets the required portion to strengthen itself.

4) Not applying conditioner for the required time period: It is important to rest your hair in conditioner for at the least fifteen minutes. After applying conditioner, wrap your hair in the shower cap. Rest for fifteen minutes and then go for the usual wash.

5) Not washing it properly: It is important to clean the residue completely after the required period of time. Sometimes due to hurry or laziness, we tend to not wash the conditioner completely from our hair. This results in damaging the hair. Hence it is important to ensure that before stepping out of the bathroom, you must clear your hair from the conditioner completely.

6) Conditioning only ends of the hair: Sometimes, it is important, moreover for dry hair girls, to apply conditioner on the scalp. However oily hair beauties should avoid applying conditioner on scalp completely. Conditioner should be properly applied not only on the ends but also on the middle part of the hair.


7) Not washing the back properly: Once your hair is completely washed from the conditioner, it is important to roll your hair in the bun / take it in front to ensure the back gets cleaned properly.

To reap the benefits, use the conditioner that’s right for your unique hair and avoid brushing your hair when wet.

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Healthy & Beautiful Face – Do you find it difficult to maintain?

Healthy skin is the dream of every girl. A beautiful and a healthy face build up your overall personality. As you take care of your health, taking care and grooming your face is also equivalently important to have a positive and long lasting impact. Each and every part of your face adds up the value.10 Most Simple and Effective Tips for Beautiful Young Looking Skin
Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Face
1. Drink lot of water: Human body is made up of small units called cells, similarly our face skin is also made up of cells. Cells are made up of water and loss of water will result in loss of hydration, which in turn will result in dry and flacky skin. A dry and flacky skin makes you look older than your age. So drinking good amount of water which results in hydrating your skin and in making your skin glow naturally.How much water is enough to drink?

2. Moisturize your skin: Sometimes drinking water is not enough to hydrate your skin, the reasons may be progression of age, any health issue, taking medicines for long period of time, or long term illness , weather changes, etc. During this period you have to moisturize your skin by externally applying moisturizers. Eating fruits rich in water like watermelon, papaya, orange, etc. will also help to hydrate your face skin.How to eat fruits the right way

3. Do regular cleanup of your face: Regular cleanup of the face adds to the radiance of the skin. Everyday our face is exposed to dust particles and if the same is not removed regularly it causes many skin problems like acne, which turns down the radiance of your skin. Also before going to bed it is very important to clean up all the make-up and set it free to make it breathe naturally. For regular cleanup you are not required to take beauty parlor appointment every time. You can do your cleanup at home with easily available items. Homemade Facial Masks for Glowing Skin
a) Cleaning your face with a cottons swab dabbed in milk (non-boiled) will help you to cleanse your skin.
b) Applying a curd and honey face mask will help you cleanse your skin and also nourish and moisturize your skin naturally
c) Rubbing a crushed cucumber will cleanse and tone up your skin
d) Applying a face mask of curd and cucumber will help you to cleanse and nourish your face.

4. Shaping up the eyebrows: The length, shape and thickness of your eyebrows can make or break the look. Before giving a shape to your eyebrow, draw and try different shapes of eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and then go for the most suited shape. Use a good eyebrow pencil to give a final touch-up for a perfect shape of the eyebrow.


5. Eyelashes: The thickness, length and health of your eyelashes determine the beauty of your eyes. Nourishing the eyelashes increases the life of an eyelash. To nourish and moisturize your eyelash apply almond oil or castor oil to the eyelashes. Applying a petroleum jelly also moisturizes your eyelashes. Always apply the oil or petroleum jelly with the help of an unused mascara brush. Do not rub your eyelashes, as it may lead to breaking of eyelash.

6. Retain the beauty of your eyes: Eyes are the most delicate part of your face, taking care of your eyes will enhance the beauty and radiance of your face. Nourishing and moisturizing your eyes will give a good health to your eyes. Keeping a slice of cucumber on your eyes will moisturize your eyes naturally. For healthy eyes, eat fruits rich in Vitamin A, avoid direct contact with sunlight, chemicals and smoke. Avoid using a PC or smart phone screen for long time.Food to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.
How to keep eyes beautiful and attractive naturally?

7. Healthy Lips: After eyes the most important and attractive part of your face is your lips. As your age increases your lips may turn dry. Maintaining the moisture of your lips naturally improves the health and beauty of your lips.
a) Scrubbing the lips with Sugar and honey will help to remove the dead skin of the lips.
b) Massaging with olive oil will nourish and moisturize the lips.
c) Applying tomato paste will help you to regain soft and pink lips.
d) Avoid harsh cosmetics on lips.
e) Do not apply lipstick for long time on lips.


8. Nose: Nose is the most prominent part of your face and nose is the 1st part of your face which is affected by the environment. Blackheads and whiteheads are most common problems which affects the beauty of your nose. Blackheads and whiteheads can be avoided if you scrub your nose with soap foam and sugar regularly. Take care of your nose as it reflects your personality.

Bottom line: Nourish and moisturize your face naturally for natural beauty. Love and care for your face and your face will make others love you.

Image Source: Foam on Girl's Face | Eyebrow Designs

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How to avoid making chewing noise while eating?

One of the main problems while eating food with the family members or group of friends or colleagues is smacking, chomping or crunching noises that one makes while eating. Crunchier foods like chips or salads make the loudest of noise while eating. It won’t be wrong to say that eating loud is very annoying for others. So, in case if you are the one who makes noise while eating, you have to put extra efforts to hold on to noise. This post will talk about do’s and don’ts while eating to avoid the louder noise while eating.

First of all it is important to become conscious while eating to make sure the others are not getting disturbed because of the noises that you make. If you are mentally conscious enough of the noise you make while eating, you will automatically put the extra effort to control it. So, foremost thing to do is to be mentally aware that you are eating quietly in order to avoid disturbing others.
I have listed down few important tips that can help you, to the great extent, to minimize the noise while eating.
Eat with closed mouth: If you wish to irritate your partner, eat food with open mouth. Eating food with your mouth open has dual effect to irritate others: One with the noise you make while eating and other when they see inside your opened mouth. Both of these things are good enough to put your partner down. Well, but otherwise, it is horrible to eat with your mouth open. Make every effort to change this. Eat with closed mouth by all means. Also eating with closed mouths helps in controlling the noise you make while eating.
Smaller pieces: Take smaller bytes while eating. There is no point to take the bigger portion than what you can handle.

Eat Slowly: Apart from taking the smaller portion of food, it is important to eat slowly. Chew your food as slowly as possible. This will make sure the noise that is made is less as compared to when you eat fast. Also chewing your food completely and slowly has the benefit of better digestion thereby keeping you healthier.
Gap between two bytes: There should be couple of second’s gaps between two bytes. Let your first byte is swallowed completely before you reach for another byte. Another benefit of keeping a small gap between two bytes is to let your body tell you if you really need another one. If you are full, your body will communicate to you before another byte has taken. Hence overeating can be avoided with this small but effective technique.
Concentrate on food and not on conversation: This is again important to have your complete focus on eating food and not on conversation happening over the table. In fact you should ask your team mates to stop talking for their own good. All the discussions and conversations can happen after eating.
Don’t touch tongue with the roof of the mouth: Avoid slapping your tongue with the upper portion of the mouth. This will prevent you from making irritating noises.

Eat with the back teeth: Eating with the back most teeth also helps in making the minimum noise while eating.

Do you make louder noises while eating? Is there anyone in your family or friends who has suffered from this situation? How have you dealt with it? Do share your experience with our readers.
Image Source: Man eating Cookie Do not make loud chewing noise while eating