Saturday, 15 August 2015

13 Simple Points To Be Motivated All The Time

Irrespective of vast experience and achievements, sometimes one needs to be motivated by self or others in reaching his/her goal successfully. Motivation is basically the appetite to do things in right manner that helps in achieving our goals. Taking timely action, putting lot of efforts and strict to commitments are key elements that motivates an individual. Below are the few points that motivate in achieving the goals:

Setting Goals:
1. You should write in your diary about your goals in details with time schedule so that it reminds you every time as the day passes. Define your goals; segregated into smaller goals with timelines, enabling you to accomplish it on regular basis.
2. During the time period in achieving goals, you should list the things that puts you in trouble or restrict you or that are complicated and then try to solve those problem individually by study or with others help.
3. You should be very much aware what rewards/benefit you will get in achieving your goal and that will automatically motivate you.
4. Try to share your goal with your trustfully colleagues, friends and family members, who are experienced and try to take their suggestions that will definitely motivate you in being successful.

‘Do Your Best’ slogan: It is well known that by saying yourself or to the others to Do Your Best is an automatic method of motivation. This will not only encourage you in doing difficult things but also give you energy for timely completion of the project.
Challenges are opportunities: People, who are already motivated in one way or the other, would like to have challenging activities in which success is uncertain but with their practice, experience and willpower, they still try to finish the task as they feel it is an opportunity to them.
Be proud: In spite of struggling with motivation due to any reason, try to think of past achievements by which you had been motivated and feel proud of it. In doing so, you are likely to remain motivated, even in tough times.
Be intrinsically motivated: When you are doing something, you need not to worry about what people will tell you on your success, simply be intrinsically motivated and go on doing the things for better results.
Fight against fear: If you are a failure in one way or the other, you will automatically be de-motivated. Try not to be very concerning about your failure. Failure and Success are both required to understand the purpose of life. Fear of being failure will restrict you to do things which will result in no success anytime. If you keep your fear aside and give it a try there are always 50% chances of failure but there are 50% chances are also there to get success. You will be motivated once you start thinking positively and try to learn from your mistakes. Keep in mind that most successful person in the world, could be sometime failure in few things.

Remove distractions: Sometimes, it may come to you mind that what others are doing are more interesting than what you do. Try to remove these distractions from your mind to be success and motivated in what you are doing. For instance, if you are busy in doing something and getting distracted by receiving messages on your mobile then just switch-off your mobile and keep it at such place so that it is not visible to you. By doing this, you will be motivated in doing your work.
Competition: Competition is also one method to get motivated. Few people are having habit of doing something only when they see other people are doing it. If such things are matching your habits, then be motivated in following those habits.
Break the routine: When we do things in the same manner day after day there are more chances of getting bored. Hence the change and variety is very important to break the monotonous life.
Review: Reviewing your goals, achievement and failure is another key way to keep you motivated. Reward yourself for every success and learn the mistakes you did that made you fail. By doing this your enthusiasm will be boosted.
Rewards: One way is to reward yourself every time you have achieved something, irrespective of how small the achievement is. Getting rewards and appreciation is the sure shot way to be motivated and walk towards new goal in life
Keep away from disappointments and negative feelings: It is but natural to be upset if you are not achieving your targets within the time frame. However instead of getting discouraged, try to devote your energy on how you can work on improving that will give the results. Diverting your energy on the positive things is the sure shot way to be motivated.


Be a movie buff: Follow the famous dialog of our movie stars to be motivated
When you fail: Bade-bade shehron me aisi chhoti-chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain
Try again by saying: Don't underestimate the power of a common man
When you have tried all possible ways: Ek bhar jo maine commitment kar di phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta” and try again

Apart from all above things, eating healthy, daily exercise, not having excess caffeine, smooth sleep, positive thinking, etc are few things that keep a person motivated.


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