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Most Simple and Effective Tips for Beautiful Skin

Skin is the first exposure of us to the outside world. Skin, the most important part of our body, gives the first impression to others. And as it is said first impression is the last impression, we do not mind spending tremendous amount of our time and money to maintain the good and healthy skin. We do spend on cosmetics and on other essential skin care products. We are particular in regular visits to beauty parlors. Yet sometimes we face the problems of pale tired damaged looking skin. Are you also suffering from this problem? One liner solution is – Get back to basics of skin care. For detailed solution, read on.
Today I am going to discuss about most simple yet effective ways to take care of our skin.
Back to Basics – Daily Skin Care – To Do (Do It Yourself - DIY)
Drink Water. Drink enough of water on the daily basis. Read this article to find out how much water is enough water.
Take proper rest. Quality sleep is more important than just sleeping.
Exercise. Move baby move. Physical activity helps to give beautiful fresh looking skin.
Eat healthy food. Eat foods that are high in Vitamins and Minerals. Specifically, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Zinc, Iron and Fiber are good for radiant skin. Include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Back to Basics – Daily Skin Care –Do Not Do (Avoid It Yourself - AIY)
Not only you should avoid smoking, but also you should avoid standing in front of the one who is smoking.
Avoid being at the places of air pollution. If it is unavoidable, cover your skin with the help of scarf.
Avoid sleeping without removing the make-up. Remove it no matter how much tired you are.
Avoid exposing your skin to sun. Use good sunscreen lotion. Apply it at least 15 minutes before exposing to sun. Re-apply every 3-4 hours. Wear sunglasses.


Other essential pointers to be considered for soft and smooth skin:
Cleansing – Most common advice you would have heard or read whenever you check out on skin care – Proper cleansing. Cleansing on the regular basis helps in removing dirt and make up. Very important to wash your face before going to bed. You can make use of raw milk or curd. Apply on your face and leave till it dries off. Then cleanse it with warm water. Once you clean your skin, it helps your skin to breathe. Regularly doing this will give your skin the natural glow.
Exfoliate – Exfoliate helps in removing dead cells from the skin. It is important to exfoliate your skin once in a week in order to keep it fresh and clean. Exfoliate skin will not have the problems of blackheads, whiteheads and acne. However do not indulge in over exfoliation. Over doing will result in dry skin.
Moisturize – Not only we have to keep our skin internally hydrated but we have to take care of keeping our skin hydrated from outside as well. Moisturizers helps in keeping the skin hydrated externally. However oily skin beauties often are in the dilemma for using moisturizers. What I recommend is to use moisturizer once in two days and apply raw powder after the moisturizer to avoid sweating too much.
Few minutes spending on daily skin care will give you soft and supple baby like looking skin. Do take care of your skin and make it healthy because healthy skin gives the confidence and develops the positive thinking.

Do share with us what are your back to basic skin care tips.
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