Wednesday, 12 March 2014

5 Ways to improve your eye's health

We are living in the era of busy life where we hardly have any time left for ourselves. There are hundreds and thousands of chores greet us every morning. And these chores continue till end of the day. In order to finish all the chores of the day, we have mastered one thing. That is Multitasking. We do not mind doing multiple things at a time to remain at the top position in the competitive world.
This is the reason, I am going to start the series of articles on how to multi tasks daily routine to maximize your health. Today I am going to list down the areas in which we can multi task certain things that can help to improve eye’s health.
Multitask Eye Exercise while Brushing the teeth: We brush and floss twice on the daily basis. Instead of just brushing, why not club it with eye exercise? There are multiple of eye exercises which you can follow while brushing your teeth. To start with you can do all sorts of direction exercise like looking at left and then at right, look up and down. Now roll your eyes, make virtual alphabets and numbers with your eyes to strengthen the eye muscles. Most difficult is making virtual 8 with your eyes. You can also follow certain object and draw the outline with your eyes or follow the second’s hand with your eyes. Click here to view all eye exercises

Multitask Eye Care while taking Bath: So when you are standing in the shower and enjoying the bath, why not multitask in the way that can help to improve your eyes health. All the exercise mentioned in the above paragraph can be performed while taking bath. Apart from those, you can keep your face tilted backwards in a way that the water from the shower directly goes into your eyes. This way your eyes will get clean and your eyes will feel most refreshing and would thank you for the same.


Multitask while travelling: In addition to the ones that are mentioned above you can perform the distance exercise while travelling. Look as far as possible. Get your focus now as near as possible. You can try looking at your nose. That is the closet among all. After holding for couple of seconds, again look at the farthest position as possible. You can also try reading the banners of the shops which is proven to be good for eyes muscles. However avoid doing these exercises if you are the driver. Do not ever multitask anything while driving, not even talking on the phone.

Multitask when in Kitchen: There is enough of time that you can multi task while doing chores in kitchen. Whether you are washing vegetables or cooking it, or you are filling the monthly grocery in the boxes or clearing the mess up from the refrigerator, you will have enough of time to do something else. Why not club it with eye exercise? Ok so when cutting the vegetables try and focus on the utensil and draw the outline of the same. You can also do the same exercise while cooking. Draw the outline of cooker, mixing spoon, vegetables that you are cooling, etc. Cut onions. When tears flow down from your cheeks while cutting onions, it helps you to clear the eyes with any bacteria in it making it clean and clear.


Watching Television / Computers: Whether you are working on computer or watching television or messaging on mobile, after every 20 minutes take a break and give something else to do to your eyes. Blink as quickly or do the direction exercises as mentioned in the first paragraph.

Try these multitasking activities to improve your eye's health

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