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Seven Week Exercise to talk in productive way

Talk less and use sweet words

One of the Abraham Lincoln quote says "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all the doubts." Well I don’t say that who talks more is fool but talking less has its own benefits. Main benefit is of course the reservation of energy. By talking less you get an opportunity to listen more and value other people’s opinion. This leaves the positive impact on them. Speaking less also helps us to be thoughtful and choose our words carefully.
On the other hand talking too much is the sure short way to disaster. Charlie Kaufman rightly said “Constantly talking isn’t necessarily communicating.” The momentary satisfaction you gain with your biting words will be outweighed by the price you pay. Another scholar puts this in words “Once a word leaves your mouth, you cannot chase it back even with the swiftest horse.” If you say it, type it, post it, e-mail it or even think it too loudly, the deed is done. There is no turn back, un-delete feature, no save-game from a few moments ago, no undo button to click on. Are you suffering from talking too much? If yes today's article is for you. In this article I am highlighting the exercises to do that will help you to talk less and be mindful while talking.
First Week:First of all focus on what you speak in the first week. Talk normally as you always do in the first week.Do not restrict yourself. Just keep the focus on what you talk and how much you talk. Do not judge yourself in this week.

Second Week: In this week, wear the judging court and judge yourself. Analyze your talking style. Do you talk fast or slow or at medium pace? Do others listen carefully what you speak? Do others interrupt you just to make you shut up? Check whatever you have spoken was all the necessary stuff to talk? Follow the next week’s instructions if the judgement is that you talk more.


Third Week: Highlight the situations in your mind where you talk more. Mark the instances where you tend to speak out more than what is required. Concentrate on the situations where you talk more. Keep the tab of the people with whom you talk more. Keep highlighting all the situations where you do excess talking in this week.

Fourth Week: Identify and analyze each and every word you have spoken in the previous week. Read carefully the situations that you have already highlighted in your mind. Identify the situations where and what you spoke but that was not required. You are more likely to get the few instances where certain sentences you spoke were actually not required. Keep the record of such overwhelmed sentences and situations. Continue to identify the situations where you did unnecessary talking for the next few days. Combine this with that week’s specific tasks that are mentioned below.

Fifth Week: You have already noted down the situations where you talk more. So main activity you have to concentrate in this week is to avoid those situations. Try your best to get involved less in those situations which make you talk unnecessary.


Sixth Week: Today you have to concentrate on slowing down and to have more patience. On this day cut down on what is not required or what you should not say. Bite your tongue before the word is out of your mouth. You are successful if you are able to cut down even one to two sentences on the first day of this week. More you bite your toungue more you are learning. Be proud of yourself if you do that.

Seventh Week: By today you would be able to talk little less as compared to before. This week’s main focus is changing the tone of talk. Whatever you say in this week concentrate on saying in the soft manner. No matter what the situation is your tone should be slow, sweet and calm. Instead of shouting and screaming choose to convey the message in swift manner.

These exercises will make you more comfortable. You will find yourself at ease not only with others but also with yourself. You will notice how much calmer you are after following these exercises for the schedule of seven weeks. You can again repeat the same procedure from eight week. Keep repeating it until you are fully satisfied with yourself.
You will feel more energetic and positive in the life by speaking less and by speaking sweetly. Have a sweet day all of you.
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