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Exercise for Eyes

Exercise and diet goes hand in hand to attain the healthy body. In the same way if we wish to have the healthy eyesight, we have to concentrate on both eyes exercises and have food that is good for eyes. Importance of eyes cannot be ignored yet they are usually the most neglected part of the body. Click here to check on what are the good foods for eyes. Today’s article is concentrated on exercises to make the eyes healthy and protect the vision.

Why our eyes get tired? Eyes work round the clock. Strain is put on eyes when they work continuously to read, to play or to do other tasks. It gets rest only when we go to sleep. Hence it is very important to take good care of eyes.

Common Eye Problems: Vision loss, dry eyes, cataracts, macular degeneration and night vision problems.

Why exercise is important for eyes? Exercising the eyes will prevent straining of eyes in the long run. It releases the tension by giving relaxation to the eyes. It also helps to keep the problems like sensitivity to light, blurred vision, etc at bay.

Relax and do the following eyes exercises in order to get rid of all the problems

Direction Exercises

Directions: Move your eyes in combination of directions - up and down, left and right, left and up, left and down, right and up, right and down, left down right, left right down, etc. When you do this try to look at the farthest end possible. You will feel the stretch in the eye muscles. Try to hold for couple of seconds before moving to next direction.

Roll your eyes in circular motion. Do it for 10 times in clockwise and anticlockwise.


Closing Exercises

Blink: Blink your eyes as fast as you can. It will help in lubricating and cleansing your eyes. Try to blink after every half an hour for 30 seconds to keep freshness in the eyes. Do right now fast blinking for 10 seconds and tell me how you feel – tired or relaxed? Normal blinking should be once in every 5 to 10 seconds.

Close and Move: Close your eyes and moves in all the directions mentioned above. Do try the blinking one as well.

Close and open: Close your eyes tightly and open it as wide as you can.

Palm Heat: Rub your palms together to generate the heat. Close your eyes and cover it lightly with your palms to get the relaxation.


Muscle Strengthen Exercise

Write: Pretend writing A,B,C to Z or 1,2,3 with your eyes.

Draw: Try to pretend to draw different objects like square, circle, rectangle, etc. Do write in comment what is most difficult – alphabet numbers or objects and which specific one you find it difficult.

Focus Exercises

Look Away: Focus on the distant objects and slowly refocus on the nearby object. Take the break every hour from work and do this exercise.

Clock Exercise: Look at the clock seconds hand. Move your eyes as the second hand of the clock is moving.

Look at nose: Concentrate and look at your nose by both the eyes.

Focus on finger: Hold your finger in front of you and look at it by both the eyes. Move the finger far and near, up and down. Your focus should be on finger for all the movements.

Outline object exercise: List the different objects in the room and one by one look at them. Look at the outline of the object and move to the next object. Keep your head still while doing this.

Do regular eye exercises and keep them healthy.

Image Source: Beautiful Eyes | Direction Exercise


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