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15 ways to live Happy and Successful Life

15 ways to live Happy and Successful Life

Who does not want to be happy? Everyone is waiting for being content and achieve the utmost happiness in life. However, we hardly find happiness because of our ever increasing demands and of the ones those are around us. We spend our entire wake hours to do things that please us but yet hardly we are fully content.

So today I thought of sharing the basic rules of happiness. Basic things that we ignore actually complicate our life. We have to strive for simplicity to get the happiness. I recollect the famous quote of Ralph Waldo Emerson on happiness that says, "For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness"

1) Experience Now: It is important to put all the energy on what you are doing currently. Live in the moment. Experience what you are doing now. Dividing your energy in two or more things leave you tired and you are unable to enjoy it completely. So Rule No. 1 is Be entirely engrossed in what you are currently doing. Life is short. Live every moment completely.

2) Be Curious: Getting older does not mean that you should know everything. It is inevitable that at some point of time someone other would know better than you. There is no point of feel sad or defeated because of this. Instead I would say, be like a child. The way child keep on asking questions on whatever he/she encounters new, you should also be in the same way ask questions and learn from your fellow beings. Infact be curious to learn something new everyday.


3) Explore Love: Love is so pure that it automatically brings happiness. Unfortunately this generation tag love with the love of girl and a boy. At this moment I am talking about loving your parents, children, the love of brother and sister, the love that you have with your friends and that with bestest friend. Explore it and love it more. It is going fill your life with happiness.

4) Love Yourself: Apart from loving others, you should by all means love yourself. You are the unique personality in the world. There is no one like you, for that uniqueness love yourself. Look at all the positive points that you have. Grow on the negative points and try to convert it into your strength. Do things that make you happy. Go for shopping or for the long drive. Have ice-cream or that burger that you are craving for. Just do what you wish to do. In simple words just love yourself.

5) Do something for others: Live not only for yourselves but for others too. Do something for the ones who are less fortunate than you. Do something for your parents who look after you every moment even by forgetting themselves. Do something for your childhood friends. Plan the get together and buy their gifts for them. You are gonna cherish this for rest of your life.

6) Forgiveness: Mistakes do happen. We human beings are bound to make mistakes instead of being cautious and careful. There is nothing wrong in it. Learn from mistakes and forgive. Forgive yourself as well as others. Remember "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong" as mentioned by Mahatma Gandhi.


7) Diet, Meditate & Exercise: Proper diet, meditation and remembering the God, and Exercise is important. Moreover it is important to do that on the daily basis. With regards to diet, I do not mean extreme diet. But the diet that gives your body the essential nutrients as per your body requirement. Click here for Top Healthy Breakfast options, Meditation and its health benefits

8) Set Goals: You should set long term, medium and short term goals for yourself. Regular check of where you have reached on that goal list is also essential to let you know the progress you are making. Aim high in life. When you achieve the goals, you will experience that happiness will be all around.

9) Think Rationally: It is all good to go to extremes to test yourself. But it is as stupid as anything to break yourself in testing you. Challenge yourself to grow but do not put that much efforts that it breaks you in order to achieve it. Think rationally and grow slowly but steadily.

10) Nurture Surroundings: Nurture the greenery around you. That beautiful beach, the sunset and sunrise, the birds singing the songs, the mountains and the hills. God has given us the beautiful and amazing surroundings to us. However in this busy life we hardly admire it. Try, look and admire surroundings. Trust me, you will find yourself so relaxed and content in those moments.

11) Rhythm of Life: It is very important to follow the rhythm on life not only for sound mind but also for fit body and inner happiness. Timings should be fixed of getting up, for eating food (breakfast, lunch, mid meals and dinner), for exercise and going to bed at night. You should strictly follow the rhythm to give yourself complete happiness.

12) Believe in yourself: At no point you should stop trusting yourself. You should have maximum belief in yourself. No matter if all other fellow being has ditched you on your voice / ideas. You should have faith in your abilities. Follow what you hear from your inner voice and go for it. If you are honestly listening to your inner being you will achieve success today or tomorrow. Just have complete trust on yourself and grow in life.

13) Grow & explore & Rise: Once you have achieved your goals, challenge yourself to reach to the next step. Aim high and keep growing, rise upwards and explore new things. If you are an IT professional and you have time, learn music or dancing. If you are in music industry, try and learn something from IT. The world out there is vast. If you want to there are many things in the world to explore. Go for it to achieve happiness of utmost level.

14) Stop Hiding: Accept your insecurities, your negative points and your weaknesses. Every human being has certain kind of insecurities in life. First step is to accept it. Once you have crossed that stage, try to overcome it with improving on them. Learn from others who have overcome it. Nothing is impossible as it is said famously and even your insecurities can go with your persistent dedication to work against it. Go for it and live the happy life.

15) Be grateful: Be thankful and grateful for all you have. Thank God for all the things that He has given it to you in this life. There are the ones that are not as fortunate as you are. Be down to earth and thank for everything good happening in your life and have patience for the things are going not too great. Believe in God, he will get you out of mess very soon.

Follow these basic rules in your life and find yourself more happier and content in your day to day life.
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