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Health Benefits Of Eggs

Health Benefits Of Eggs

We all come across this phrase every now and then

"Sunday Ho Ya Monday Roz Khao Ande" - It means, you must have eggs everyday. Egg is a natural source of protein that helps in muscle building. If you are a exercise freak and follow hard muscular exercises, then you must be consuming 4-8 eggs a day.

It is found that each boiled egg contains 3-6 gms of proteins. Hence it is useful for the body to consume atleast 2 boiled eggs after hard work out since the muscle wear and tear requires the protein intake in order to repair them and build new muscles.

Many a times work out is followed by consumtion of raw egg whites only since the yellow yolk part contains fats and calories.

Egg is considered as the most important part of breakfast in a healthy lifestyle because a morning must start with a consumption of good amount of protein and less amount of fats. Click here for Top Healthy Breakfast options

Health Benefits of Egg Whites:
1) Muscles - Since white part contains high amount of protien, it helps in building up of muscles. They are the most important part of the meal after a workout as the protein content helps in re building of broken muscles.

2) Eye Vision - Yellow Yolk part contains natural fats which are beneficial for the body. It contains vitamin A, D and E. So it is good for eye vision.


3) Good for Heart - The cholesterol content of a single egg is quiet low and is considered as a "good" cholesterol for heart. So it can be consumed by heart patients also. Indeed it is considered a good breakfast option due to this benefit. One reason for this is because most of the fats in the yolk are unsaturated and are good for your health. These fatty acids also have antioxidant properties which protect your blood vessels from breaking under pressure.

4) Skin - Egg white is also considered as good for skin. Regular intake of eggs prevents the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays that causes cancer. Click to know How to take care of your skin

5) Hairs - Since it contains proteins it is beneficial for hairs. Hairs are made of keratin a type of protein and thus the protein content in eggs helps in overall look of hairs. If raw egg white applied on hairs twice a month hairs gets the natural protein which makes them thick and soft.


6) Hairs & Nails - Eggs promote healthy hair and nails because of their high sulphur content and wide array of vitamins and minerals.

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