Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to take care of your skin

Skin, a largest body organ, is not only for wrapping the other sensitive body organs (heart, liver, etc) but also for playing the role in biological life process. Epidermis which is the outmost layer of skin constantly renews itself with new cells. Formation of new cells and its quality depends on both what we feed ourselves as well as what touches our skin. Skin unlike other organs is exposed to the outer world and so we should take extra care to keep it fresh and active all the time. Effects of our mood can be quickly seen on the skin as it is closely connected with our nervous system. Hence our skin glows when we are happy and turns pale because of depression. Exam tension or interview anxiety or fear about how the conference meeting would end shows clearly on the skin.

Actually it is a vicious circle. Our emotions, beliefs, thoughts and life style can either make or break our skin. Skin problems like acne, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis cause the emotional disturbance further affecting the skin. It goes round and round. Skin problems do irritate us and is the major cause of inconvenience. However don’t allow your physical visible problems affect psychological terms. Instead try to find out the problems and resolve them.

To tackle it we need to understand and try to resolve the conflicts, fears and depression in life in the positive way.

Take care of biological needs - eat the balanced diet, keep your body hydrated, exercise, treat yourself with new clothes once in a while, take a break from work and go for the picnic.

Build your emotional health – nourish your family and friends with love, respect the elders, protect the young ones, socialize with positive minded people. Discuss the problems faced with the knowledgeable person and strive for the solutions.

Surpassing the ill-feeling’s like anger, revenge, etc is another cause of depression which ultimately speaks out loudly to the world in the form of pale skin tone. On the other hand, choosing to shout and throw all the reactions like slapping etc, would lead to red angry puffy face. Both outward and inward anger are harmful. Fulfilling the fundamental emotional needs helps in the long way to deal with anger and anxiety in life.

There is a thin line between what we need and what we want. To live the stress free life, identify this line. Set up the boundary and limits. Follow them religiously.

Understand the purpose of life with yoga and meditation. It helps in reaching the inner you and will make you aware of your deepest needs.

Taking proper rest in this hectic life cannot be ruled out to maintain the youthful skin. Sleep for 8 hours a day. Take a power naps as and when you require.

Choose the products that touch your skin carefully and the ones that suit your skin tone – Make Up, Body Lotions, Skin Creams, Moisturizer, Sun-screen, etc.

Be healthy and develop self esteem. Hear what your skin tells you, concentrate on the needs, provide them what is required and see with the smiling skin how all the problems run away.

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