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Meditation and its health benefits - Part I

Meditation and its health benefits - Part I

Meditation in general is a very huge topic to learn and understand. Meditation is an art of training the mind and body to concentrate in order to relax the whole body and make free from the stress, pollution, etc.

Meditation is done to improve the overall body stamina and it helps the body to connect to divine which provides real inner peace to a human body.

Meditation helps the human body to fight against stress, health disorders like high blood pressure, depression.

Revealed the answer of "Why we should Meditate?"
Meditation allows the human body to enter a state where the inner soul connects to divine by allowing the body to concentrate on god.

Meditation helps the human body in improving the concentration and relax the body from stress.

When to meditate:
1) There is no such requirement to perform meditation exercises, but we consider to do it during the early morning time in between 5-6.
2) This is the most suitable time, since there is silence around the world which easily allows the human body to concentrate on their mind and body for relaxation.

What to avoid during meditation:

1) Turn off your mobile phones, TV sets
2) Do not meditate in front of huge crowd
3) Do not meditate with an empty stomach
4) While meditation do not speak or think of personal or professional issues. This will not allow you to concentrate and you will never achieve the benefits of meditation

Environment for Meditation:
1) Choose a peaceful and happy environment - The place where the meditation is getting performed should be full of peace. Avoid meditation in large groups. Also, the room should be free of dust and must be hygienic and clean. Try to have a white background because the color in bringing the inner peace more as compared to other colors. Wear pure white clothes.

2) Duration - Meditation should be between 15 - 25 minutes. There should not be variations in the duration on an everyday basis. Try to stick to it at the same time on priority


3) Clothes - Wear white clothes since it has a cooling effect on the mind and body and easily allows the body to help enter into the state of meditation.

4) Om Mantra - Try to sound Ommmmm........mmmm as long as possible. Do not breath in and breath out. Perform this for 5 consecutive times and note down if your time duration is improving for this exercise. The longer the duration, better are the chances to connect to divine

Image Source : Meditation One | Meditation Two


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