Saturday, 22 March 2014

Revealed the answer of "Why we should Meditate?"

We continuously talk during our wake hours, either with fellow beings (where dialogs are exchanged with other human being) or with ourselves (where the internal dialog takes place). The internal dialogues are connected with the emotional being of oneself. Have you been in the situation where you listen the song and it takes you to the history of good times or bad times that has happened in past which is somehow connected with the song? Similarly when we encounter the place that is somehow connected with the past, we tend to talk about those situations that happened long back either with someone else or with ourselves.
We talk to ourselves on various topics ranging from health to love affair to work related issues to family problems, the list is endless. Many studies have proved that human being subconsciously talks to themselves about all the anxiety and happiness they have in their life.
Going in past and remembering the happy moment’s of life works wonders on human health. Though our mind is capable of thinking positive incident, but the problem is that our inclination, most of the times, is towards the negative encounters. This is because human being tends to remember emotional incidents in life more clearly comparatively than the happy moments. Holding even the slightest of pain or the feeling of revenge results in getting back to past again and again.

To resolve this it is important to heal and develop the habit of forgiveness in order to achieve the peace with the past. One of the successful methods to achieve this is through meditation. Meditation works as the cleanser. It cleans the negative thoughts / stress from the mind and helps to achieve the positivity apart from making the human being aware of the importance of being satisfied. Meditation, in simple words, helps human being to live and experience this very moment instead of wandering in past or future.
There are numerous other benefits of meditation apart from the one that is mentioned above. Starting from lesser chances of age related diseases like blood pressure, hypertension, heart related problems etc with improved digestion problems and better outlook towards the society in general. It is important to mention here that regular meditation helps human being to walk on the path of positivity with the added advantage of improved focus, concentration and understanding levels. So start meditating now. Click here to read Meditation and its health benefits - Part I

Do you meditate? Do share with us what do you think is the best time to meditate.
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