Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Are you eating when you are eating?

It's a lunch time. Feeling hungry already? Ready to eat the delicious food that's there on the table? But the question is are you eating when you are eatiing? I mean do you just eat or eating is the last priority coming after checking the emails / facebook status updates / twitter tweets. Talking with your loved ones / just as simple as watching television or playing games and other sorts of similar kind of work go hand in hand with eating?
Well the list is endless. All this, in simple words, is addiction. When we sit for eating our meal, the surprising part is we do everything else but not eating with the concentration on eating only. Various recent studies has proved that doing anything else during eating results in overeating. So quit checking those emails and in fact experience the yummy food that is there on your table.
Yes baby you need a break: Almost all the wake hours in today's world is usually spent on staring either on computer / television / cell phones / playing games. So it is important to take the break. Lunch time proves to be the best time to take the break. Taking break helps our mind to freshen up thereby resulting in higher productivity. So twin benefit, better digestion and higher productivity is the result of taking the break - a complete break.

I understand we are living in the fast, technology obsessed world. This culture makes it very difficult to switch off all the other digital things even for a minute. So how it would be possible to quit all of them for the entire lunch time? Well I would say it is not that difficult.
Don't you work hard when deadlines are near forgetting your personal life? or during other times forgetting the office work when on holiday? Well if that is possible, even eating lunch by ditching everything else is also very much possible. It just require your dedication to do that. Believe me you can.
Also proven by various studies people you concentrate on food are fast satisfied than the ones who are occupied with other things while eating. Apart from that, people who concentrate on eating have experienced better digestion as compared to one who are multi tasking eating with other things as reported by various studies.

Let us therefore pledge to only concentrate of eating when it is time to eat.
Image Source: Girl watching TV and eating junk food


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