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Should we talk with kids on Bullying?

Bullying or ragging in schools is fashion these days. When our kids go to school they may be the target of these bullying. I know this is not the good thing to talk about with children. But preparing them to face all the situation in life is the job of parent. Mentally prepared person can handle the situation without taking stress on themselves. Though schools and teachers take strict action and maintain the anti bullying environment but still there are such cases happening in our society.
My girl came yesterday crying. When I enquired she said her best friend Rohit (who is not her friend now) has slapped her because she did not give him pencil. I comforted her. Today I am waiting to hear how she patches up with Rohit. This is every day story for me. However such behavior of slapping or not sharing things with your friends is not good. These behaviors if not stopped at the correct time and in the correct way are bound to develop in the dangerous way. We parent has to take up the responsibility and inculcate good behavior in children.
Encourage Talking: Encourage them to open up and talk freely with you. Appreciate them when they open up. Listen carefully to each and every word they utter from their mouth.

Be their friend: Children are reluctant to open up and they even lie to ignore the subject. However, talking with your children in the friendly manner does help. We are more comfortable to talk on any subject with a friend. Likewise children if they find friend in you they are more likely to open up without any hesitation.


Look out for signs: Do they come home crying or they are upset when they come from school or playground? Change in behavior, change in eating habits, sleeping or talking habits are sure signs to look out for. Be concerned if they are trying to be alone or spending more time in washrooms.

Ask Questions: Ask them different questions that will make you understand what is happening in the school. Try framing questions by using different words like “What teacher explained today” “What did you learn in school today” “What did your friends learn today” “What did you talk with your friends today” “What did they talk with you” Notice the changes in answering the questions. Do not ask questions in one go. Asking on different timings like when they come home from school, when they eat, when they go to sleep, etc will help.

Share experience: Share your experiences on how you face the difficult situations in your life. Explain them difficult situation are like exams that they give in schools. Difficult situations test how positive we can remain in life. More positivity will fetch more marks and good percentage.


Avoid shouting or physical abuse: They will stop sharing from the next time onwards in case you raise your voice or slap them for telling you something that you did not like. Instead explain them positively why you did not like what they did.

Discuss about bullying: This is because you do not want your child to become the one who bullies. Explain them why bullying is bad and why it is banned by the society. Explain the consequences of bullying in short but talk straight.

Talk to school authorities: Do talk with teachers if you find something fishy. Together with school authorities you will be able to find out the solution.

Hope you find these tips useful.
This article is contributed by Manju Bhatia – a homemaker who is on her toes 24/7. She has lovely two children who keep her busy throughout the day.

Image Source: Stop Bullying | Encourage Talking | Avoid Physical Abuse


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