Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Are you suffering from digestion problems?

Do u kick start your day with exercise and the magic combination of food that provide the required vitamins and nutrients to your body?

Yet you have problems with your digestive systems? It is because there are other factors it considers which we cannot touch or see or store but they have the equivalent importance in the digestion process.
Various research, time and again, have proved that body movements and intake of food are not the only parameters for smooth digestion. Though nutritional food intake at regular intervals and proper exercise routine plays the crucial role, but the digestion process takes mind, emotions, pleasure and environment into consideration for the proper digestion of food.
In other words a stronger digestive system can be define as the chemical process where the combination of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experience takes equal part with what we eat and how we eat.
Before moving on how these different parameters work on the digestion process, let me first put down few scenarios where we are eating but digestion process is not completed.
Mind - Do you continue to munch while watching television irrespective of whether you are hungry or not?
Feelings - Have you witnessed that you eat more when emotionally drowned?
Environment – Environment also play the important role. To explain this let me put the simple example. Sitting in the conference room during the lunch time in between intense official discussions you are eating your lunch. While eating you are actively participating in the discussions and thinking hard on the solutions of the problems that are being discussed.


During this time our mind goes into mode in which our body switches itself from digestive mode to non digestive mode. Reason is simple that more energy flows towards mind enabling it to think more and thereby it can provide you the solutions of the problems.
Now, let me discuss on how the above parameters play the role in the digestion process.
Case 1: When you are not hungry but you are feeding it because you like munching while watching the movie or when you are emotional or it is just the time to eat the meal.
Case 2: You have too many tasks to complete so while eating you are trying to wrap up the pending tasks or talking with your beloved on phone or doing the last minute changes to the project you are suppose to submit post lunch or you are rushing with eating as you are late to work.

In both the cases what do you think your body does with the food that you eat?
It does either of two things
1) It discards it as the waste.
2) It stores the extra food for future requirements.


This is because our body system is such that it can either be in digestive mode or non digestive mode. So if you are combining eating task with anything else, it just switch of the digestive mode and turn on the non digestive mode where more energy is flowed towards thinking instead of processing the food for the digestion. What is the result? Simple, the digestion problem, inspite of eating the best quality food and doing exercise on time.
So next time when you sit for eating, sit in the comfortable mood with your entire mind on eating for proper digestion. Enjoy, feel each and every byte of food.
Image Source: Girl having digestion problems | Man with digestion problems | Digestion Problem - Why you do not cooperate


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