Sunday, 23 February 2014

Healthy Daily Routine and Balanced Diet

A healthy living is required by all but yet is achieved by so less number of people. It's because so many people start following the healthy routines but they do so for a month or two due to strict deadlines, work pressure, mental stress.

Its very important to follow the practice each and every day, be it a start of week or be it a weekend.

Healthy life requires a strict yet possible ways to deal your day from morning till night and it must include the following :

Getting up early - Each one of us who aim to live a healthy life must get up maxiumum by 6 AM

Sleep Early - In order to get up by 6 AM, you must go to bed by 9:45 PM to get assured you are getting enough sleep of 8 hours

Must have breakfast everyday - Breakfast is most crucial and it must be the heaviest meal of the day including fruits, oats, dry fruits, milk, etc. Click for more on Healthy Breakfast Options

Avoid Tea - Replace tea with Green Tea for its numerous health benefits. Click for more on Green Tea Benefits

Exercise - You must exercise after you get up in the morning every alternate day for a minimum of 30 minutes

Run - Run for 30 minutes on every alternate day

Light Dinner - Have a light dinner and that too before 2 hours of sleep so that it can digest the food well.

Let's understand each and every component that is being required for a stress free healthy living lifestyle

1) The Morning -
Each morning should get started by 6 AM.

It should include an indoor or outdoor activity. Indoor activity includes light yoga, 2 to 3 sets of push ups, etc. Outdoor activity can include jogging or a walk of 20 minutes.
Outdoor activity is much better since you are exposed to fresh air which is less polluted during the morning time.

Must include Green Tea. Click for more on Green Tea Benefits

Have a healthy breakfast. Its the most important meal of the day and it should be the heaviest. People who have breakfast are more active, productive compared to the 1's who skip the same due to strict deadlines or any other reason. Click for more on Healthy Breakfast Options

Have a glass of milk every morning before leaving home.


2) The Afternoons -
Afternoon must include a meal that must be lighter than the breakfast. If you regularly follow the rule of having the healthiest and heaviest breakfast, the lunch will automatically reduce in quantity which is truly beneficial for healthy living.

It must include raw salad, light weight protein, brown rice, a vegetable.

Try to get some sleep for half an hour just after lunch. People in China strictly sleep at desk for about an hour after lunch. It makes the brain to reach the most active levels. If you avoid this, the brain will be less active during the evening. If you have meeting during the second half of the day, to keep you active half an hour sleep is most important to keep you productive.

3) The Evenings -
Evening must include a cup of Green Tea. It lower down the bad cholesterol level if consumed during the day. Click for more on Green Tea Benefits

If you are not a tea lover, include a glass of juice during the evening time. Orange juice is considered the best during the evening time. It would be beneficial if you are going for a fruit plate. Its a complete package.

Dinner should be done by 8 or max to max by 8:30 PM. It should be the lightest meal of the day. If you are making a heaviest by any chance do not forget to consume a Green Tea before sleep. Green tea has numerous anti-oxidants and other health benefits that helps in faster digestion of food plus removal of bad cholesterol.




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