Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Four rules that transformed my life from boring to happy and exciting one

I have transformed my days from boring to interesting by bringing certain changes in my life. Before moving to these rules / changes that I have followed, I would like to discuss about our feelings. In today's hectic world, either of below mentioned two feelings greet us every morning

1) The feel that we are ready to take day's challenge. (Now a day, I get up every morning with this feeling). Generally when we feel this, we are most enthusiastic and feel good during the day. We welcome the day with the smile and spread the happiness throughout the day.

2) The feeling of tiredness and boredom takes on our mood. (I used to feel this most of last year). Generally when we are not enjoying the life or are over-worked such a feeling captures us and be with us all the day.

If you are falling in the first category for most of the days of week, it is good. You are on the right path. Keep moving forward and enjoy the life.

But problem occurs when we fall in the second category for most of the days of the week. I used to wake up in the morning and the thought of doing the day to day chores was nothing else but the headache? Whatever the things may be, I used to feel restless for most of the time? Do you also suffer from this boredom and unhappiness?

If your answer is yes to the above question, you need some changes in your life. Did you say that you know that already? Sometimes, it so happen that we do not understand what changes are required to change the situation, while at other times we know the changes but we are not able to do the same for certain reasons.

But do not worry. I have the solution for you. I am going to list down all that I have done in the past year that has helped me to feel good from inside. These changes have brought back the much required happiness in my life. I am very much certain that these changes will definitely help you to improve the quality of life.

1) Understand yourself and accept: First and foremost point is to understand yourself. Everyone has the strength and weakness. It is important to identify them and accept those. Everyone is unique in the world. So if you wish to be like ABC or XYZ, you are disrespecting your uniqueness. You are the most perfect person for the unique qualities you have. Having said that, you should not forget about improving yourself. You should strive for betterment to avoid boredom. Not only that but at regular intervals you should check and measure where you have reached and where next you wish to go. Whatever your inner voice says, follow it with positive attitude.

2) Set the goals:

For all those that you have to acquire, strive for it. Push yourself. Whatever it is you set out to do, whatever goal you seek to achieve, push yourself to do just a little bit more, just one degree more. And more often than not, that 'one-degree-more' attitude will mean huge successes in your life. When you think you can't do it, push yourself, and give it your hundred percent and you'll prove yourself wrong. But remember don't push yourself to be right in everything. Because sometimes, being wrong makes you a better person. Don't expect to run a marathon on your first try. Take it slow but push yourself and strive for betterment.

3) Love yourself: Be proud of everything you have and of everything that you do not have. Take care of yourself like the prince / princess of this world. Exercise like the athlete, eat clean food, entertain like the star, laugh like a child, ask like a student and be proud of yourself.

4) Read, read and read: Read inspirational stuff. Not only read about success stories, but also how the success has been achieved. Read the stories that talk about the transformation from failure to success. Dedicate the fixed time (at least one hour) every day for just reading. Reading the motivating lines influence our mind to be positive. So sit back calmly and read.

I just made these four changes in life. By incorporating these changes, I feel more energetic and positivity surrounds all around me. Cheers to the happy and beautiful life.

Do not forget to share your ways to change the dull moments with the happiest ones.


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