Wednesday, 5 March 2014

How Stock Market can inspire Fitness

How Stock Market can inspire Fitness

Hello Friends. How are you? I am on the learning spree since last couple of weeks. No, not learning about new exercise or dance moves, but about stock market. I am new to stock market and at the moment I am curious to know every little detail. I am learning various concepts related to stock market, indexes, stocks, how to monitor stocks and its movement, intra-day, short buying and selling, commodity market, derivatives etc. Yes I have heard all these words but hardly knew the meaning. However now I am taking keen interest in learning concepts one by one. I must say, stock market is such an addictive thing.

Well, also I would like to confess today that my sub conscious mind keeps on thinking about fitness throughout the day. While I am listening to CNBC or hooked at moneycontrol, in back of the mind I think of how I can utilize this time to remain fit. Yes, multi tasking is on the mind. I keep on thinkinig what can I learn from these sites that can help me to remain fit.

Anyways these are the few first things came in my mind with regards to fitness when I look at various stock related websites. Hope you will enjoy reading.

Constant Movement: We are all aware that stock moves up and down almost continuously during the market hours. More the movement, more they grab our attention. In the same way, we should move our body at the constant interval throughout the day. Make it the point to move for a minute after every twenty minutes. If you follow this rule, you are surely going to grab the attention.

Refresh: Automatic refresh functionality on the various sections of the sites like and others give us one main fitness tip. In order to remain fit, we need to adopt the funda of refreshing. Refresh your mind of negative thoughts; refresh your body of harmful toxins, etc

Blink: Any change in price gets blinking effect and highlighted to get our focus on that change. Blinking our eyes every now and then will get the focus back and helps to refresh our eyes.

Change the routine: Every day focus changes from one stock to another depending upon the news about those stocks. Same way we should change the routine to focus on including the variety of exercises. Not only would this help us to challenge each and every muscle but also to keep away the boredom as well.

Deep Breathe: Whenever the stock that I have invested in goes down, I take deep breathes. I am sure that would be the same with many who deal into stock market. Deep breathe helps in releasing the tensions. So next time when you are caught up in some tricky situation while working on the computer, take deep breathes.

Rhythm of Life: Timings are fixed. 9:15 opening bell, 3:30 closing of the market. Same way we should have our routine fixed. Right from getting up in the morning to eating food at regular intervals to exercise timings to going to bed at night, the timings should be fixed and strictly followed to maintain the rhythm of life. Following the fixed timings for the tasks has a good effect on the health in the long run.

Combination of Assets: Strong portfolio requires the combination of Different companies (small cap, mid cap, large cap), likewise strong body requires the combination of different exercise (low intensity, mid intensity and high intensity). Combination of Enduarance, Strength, Balance and Flexibility exercises make you beautiful and strong.

By the way if you have any stock related tips do share via comments.

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