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Never Discuss Dieting In Front Of Children

Never Discuss Dieting In Front Of Children

Are you desperately waiting to lose your weight? Do you think you are overweight? You want to lose those extra pounds. For that you fixed an appointment with the dietician. After the long discussion on your background, likes, dislikes, eating habits, lifestyle and various other topics she has boiled down to the healthy diet that will work on your body. She says this diet is made only for you. Wow it feels so great, right? On way back to your home you are thinking about how smart the dietician is. Your face is glowing and eyes are widely opened. And you are optimistic about the diet she has provided to you. You just cannot wait to start the diet. You dream of looking slim and toned in the next few weeks. Good try it out. But do not talk about diet in front of children.

Whoever is on diet is bound to talk about diet and use words like calories, low fat, no carb, gluten free, low salt, low sugar, no chips, no fried foods, eating fruits, raw food, salads, juices, cleansing body, etc on the daily basis. Which words with regards to diet you use most of the times? A diet language used in front of children can have the negative impact on the child’s mindset. Imagine saying dietician has asked me to have toast of brown bread without butter.

Though you are not saying anything to the kid, but her mind would wonder why his / her mother is having another kind of bread and why without butter?

She will always wonder why mother is having different food and other family member is having different food. The impression of these questions would remain in his / her mind for entire life. She may also try to avoid butter whenever possible because children usually imitate their parent. But is this good? No.

One because children require more fat. Physical activities that are done by children are not comparable by elders. Hence they require more fats than we do.

Second various questions on their mind like the ones mentioned above leave the negative impact on their mindset.

Constantly using the words like “I am fat” or “I want to lose belly fat” in front of children will result in building the negative body image in the child’s mind. Do not discuss or focus on weight issues in front of children. Stop labeling foods as bad or junk food. Stop discussing about problems like binge eating or stress eating. Stop discussing and complaining about weight problems in front of them. Instead of talking about diet, calories and weight issues concentrate on healthy eating food habit when children are around.

However don’t avoid any questions that are raised by children. Give them answers honestly. This would be the good time to explain the difference between being healthy & strong and lean & week.

So if you are following certain diet schedules please be extra careful and avoid using the diet language in front of children. When they are around, talk about strong body not about lean body. Develop the healthy relationship with food, love your body and convey the same to the children.

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