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How much food is enough to eat

One of my reader sent me the below email

Hi There,  
Thank you for writing such a wonderful article on drinking water. I had many misconceptions about drinking water. I usually go for hours without drinking any water and at the end of the day I just gulp in water like the thirsty being. After reading your article I have promised myself to drink at the regular intervals and in sips.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have one request. Can you also contribute your thoughts on how much food is enough to eat?
First of all thank you so much Kritika for dropping by on my blog. You are kind enough to put across your thoughts as honestly as you can. I really appreciate that and glad to know that my article was of help.
Coming back to today's article, How much food is enough?, my thoughts here....
There are two kind of people. One who eat frequently than there are others who just take maximum of 3 meals in a day. Whichever way you follow, the key is that you should be filled with the required energy according to your body's requirements. There are ones who keep on eating irrespective of whether they are hungry or not while there are other who only eat when they are hungry.
First of all Back to basic point - Eat whenever you feel hungry.
There is the wide spread misconception that eating too much or eating many numbers of times in a day will result in making one fat.
Factors like the quality of food and type of food plays the equivalent role to increase the fatness in the body. For example, eating the low quality food or bowl full of chips will provide your body less energy as compared to the bowl full of sprouts. Eating chips will make you hungry at the faster rate than the bowl of sprouts.

When should we stop eating? As soon as we are filled with energy.
I would also like to add here that though I am the big fan of multi tasking. There are higher chances that you already know this if you know me personally or you are the vivid reader of my blog. There are so many things that we can multi task in order to improve the health and fitness. For eg: While brushing your teeth stand on your toes instead of standing aimlessly. This helps in strengthening the calf muscles and improves your balancing power. There are numerous benefits of doing multiple things at the time ranging from improving your concentration level to wrapping up the tasks faster.
However there is this one thing that I am totally against of clubbing it with anything else. For this particular thing, I myself do as well as ask others to follow the same ie do not ever multi task with anything else. Your focus and all your energy should be on this thing. In fact I believe we should even switch off the thinking process during that time. When we are eating we should be just be eating and nothing else.

Multitasking eating in simple words means we are dividing our attention into two or more things. Less attention towards eating brings many problems with it like overeating, indigestion, etc
What are the different tasks that we unknowingly do while eating that affect us?
Watching Television
Work on Computers
Playing Games
Reading Messages

What is the best way to eat the food to maximize the digestive process?
First: be stress free and relax your mind.
Wash your hands
Sit in the comfortable position
Pray to God
Be thankful as you have food to eat in front of you. There are many, who go without meals for as long as weeks.
Look at the food and experience it.
Eat it slowly chewing properly each and every byte.
Stop it as soon as you feel that you are filled with energy.

Image Source: Thank you | Girl eating Burger

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