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Thank you to all Women in my life

While chatting on the facebook with one of the friend, I came across the “Pay it Forward” Status Message by Aparna, Editor, Women Web. The statement she wrote hooked my attention. I clicked the link to read further. When on the link, the first thing that grabbed my attention was International Women’s Day Special. I thought to close the link as Women’s Day was long back in March.
On the second thought, I decided to read further to know why the women day promotion they are doing today. As I kept reading the post, in back of the mind, I thought of so many problems today’s women face. Though we are living in the independent nation yet women are far away from receiving the real independence. Challenges that Indian Women face in the daily life are increasing day after day be it at work or at home.

Pay It forward (started by Women’s Web) is the nice way to enlighten women and let them know that they matter. There are many women’s in my life that has brought the difference. Every bit they have done means a lot. They are the ones to make me grow. Today, I would like to thank each one of them from bottom of my heart for every lesson they have thought me and for everything they have done for me. Here is my way of paying it forward.
First one is God (Mata Rani). I have lot of faith in Mata Rani. I would like to close my eyes and thank Her for all the blessings showered on me and my family. Thank you lord for all the difficulties and the strength you gave me to face those difficult situations. At the same time, there are few questions that people ask from God. I have tried to compile the small poem of these questions and at the end tried to answer those questions. Hope you will enjoy reading.

I don't know whether I should doubt God or not,
But when I see around there is wrong happening a lot
Though I am not sure whether I will get answers of my questions in actions or words
But I am sure God is listening each and every word of human's heart
There are many who give birth to a child and throw them in dustbin without a mind
While there are others who are dying to have their own child
I am sure God is aware of their plight
And is doing what is supposed to be right
There are many who doesn’t want to follow rules set by their parents
While there are others who don’t have elders to guide them throughout their life
I am sure God has a reason to do all this
And left it to human being to understand the importance of elders in one’s life

There are many healthy people who die in accidents
While there are others who are suffering and are extremely sick
I don’t know what makes God to take this action
But I am sure he has an answer to my question
There are many people who fall in love and separate
While there are others who compromises one after other to get going in marriage
I don’t know why God make them meet
But I am sure there would be a reason behind it
There are many who roam from pillar to post in search of job
While there are others who are frustrated from doing same kind of job
I am sure God has well planned to give work
According to their capabilities to each and every one on this earth
There are many who throw food by saying we have ordered / cooked too much today
While there are others who go to bed without having a bite in the entire day
I am sure God must be looking and wondering
Why there is scarcity when food is available in plenty
There are many who die because they cannot repay the debt
While there are others who are wasting money with every moment left
I am sure God wants to teach that money is not more than life
But we hardly understand this important lesson in life
Is it not possible to give what a person wants?
I know it is easy saying but difficult to be in the shoes of God
Why it is always we want what we don’t have
And forget to nurture the things we already have
Instead of questioning God we should question ourselves
Why can’t we be happy with what we have?
God has always given what the need of person be
It is we who run after the wants and rest is for us to see

This is the only reason for unhappy and unsatisfied life
We all looks for wants and not the needs of life
Let’s pledge today to be happy and satisfied
Enjoy and be content in the every moment of life
Thanking God for each and every moment we are here
Appreciating Him for so beautiful nature everywhere
God has given the best to each one of us
It is we who make all the fuss.
(This poem I have published on my other blog as well.)

Next I would like to pay it forward to my Grand Mom whom I have not seen in my life. I really wish to see her once but I don’t know how she looks. I wish to talk to her but I don’t know how she speaks. I always hear from my parents that her love was so pure and true. Every mother loves her child. But the instances that I have heard of my grand mom really make me wonder sometimes. I would like to share one of the incidents to make you understand her unconditional love.
Once, my mother forgot to have milk in the morning and left for the school. The moment my grand mom realized this, she took the glass of milk and went to the school. She searched for her in the playground and made her drink that glass of milk then and there. My mom says at that moment she felt so embarrassed because of her friends were around. They all started teasing her. But now, she misses all that love of her mother.

I wonder sometimes how true her love would have been which did not allow the morning to go unless her daughter had the milk. I wish I could also see her love but I know it is not possible. Somewhere up I am sure she would be looking at us and blessing our family.
I want to say on this day though I have neither seen you anytime nor heard your voice but I wish to see you once and wish to talk to you once. And see how would have you loved you grand-daughter if you would have been here for once.
Next I would like to pay it forward to my Mom. Well my mom does not love me like her mother loved her. Just joking. She has given her everything to see me and my brother happy. She has spent her entire life, like every mother, to make us what we are today. There was no difference between girls and boys at my place. In fact my mother made it a point that my brother learns all the household work including cooking, washing dishes, clothes, etc. Though I am elder of two, she made him learn all the household work before she thought me. Reason, according to her, is simple.
Mom, in her own words: “Girls will learn today or tomorrow the household work. But if boys are not been thought at the tender age, they will never learn. That male ego will prevent them to do household things later in life. This is not good for my future daughter in law. Hence it is important to teach him all the household work at the tender age.”
Well, there are still many women in my life to whom I would like to pay it forward. But this post will never end. So, to cut it short, I will mention all of them in a line or two. But this does not mean the contribution from them is less. They are equally important in my life like the ones mentioned above. I would like to pay it forward
1) To my teachers who have given me education.
2) To my cousin, Sneha, who share the unconditional love and is there whenever the need arises.
3) To my aunt, Pushpa, who thought me how to live the life completely
4) To my friend, Pooja, who have made my life beautiful by being there
5) To my childhood friends, Reshma and Sangeeta, who had thought me how to enjoy life
6) To my friend, Shabnam, who thought me how to be beautiful
7) To my friend, Poonam, irrespective of how many times we talk in a year, but we know each other inside out.
8) To my friend, Bhoomi, who thought me how to cook the tasty and not so tasty dishes
9) To my friend, Mamta, who thought me how to start a fresh after any failure
10) To my friend, Dimple, who thought me no one in the world is small
11) To my friend, Vanessa, who thought me no work is small not even washing the dust-bin. She says, cleaning your own things will keep your home dirt free
12) To my neighbor, Kirti, who thought me how to laugh
13) To, Nidhi, who encouraged me to write. Initially, I used to write for her blog. But suddenly I have lost the contact with her. She is not replying on emails, her blog has been removed so is her facebook page. If she is reading this, get in touch. I really miss you.
Well the list is endless, in short I would like to pay it forward to all the beautiful women who has been part of my life. Thank you all.
Last but not the least, I would like to pay it forward to Aparna because of whom, today I thought of all the wonderful moments I have spent with all those wonderful ladies.

I have done the third part of Pay it forward for women in this post and would do it again and again as and when opportunity comes by. With regard to first and second, I promise to start something soon.
Image Source: Thank you | Jai Mata Di | Girls | Milk | Womens Web


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