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End messy hair day with AMLA OIL

Is your scalp bothering you? Are you suffering from excessive hair loss? Is your hair dry and rough? Are problems like dandruff and thinning of hair making the condition of your hair worse?

As indicated by specialists, issues happen in light of the fact that dampness prompts inordinate sweat and the excessive oil excretion. Oil and sweat emissions have a tendency to adhere to hair and scalp. On top of it there is no solution of pollution in our country.
To treat this - one needs to wash hair all the more every now and again to keep it clean and dirt free. Continuous wash results in making it dry and fizzle.

Now what? Not to stress, various experts have provided multiple recommendations to end your messy hair day. Amla oil is one of major solution for each and every hair woes. An excellent nutritional and rejuvenating hair product, Amla Hair Oil, is a great hair tonic that proficiently keeps up the quality, strength and beauty of your Hair. Amla hair oil is the complete nourishment for your scalp and significantly keeps scalp infection at bay.
Amla oil is made of amla fruit which is also known as Emblica Officinalis or Indian Gooseberries or Phyllanthus emblica or Amalaki. Amla fruit has been respected since centuries as the fruitful ingredient for shampoos and oils with the numerous benefits to maintain the health of the hair. The greatness of amla is so generally perceived in Ayurveda that all the well known aged writings have talked about its preventive, helpful and therapeutic handiness and lauded its exceptional beneficial and curative qualities. All the three doshas – vata, pitta and kapha has been pacified into amla herb.
Amla Oil Properties: Amla oil has the cooling effect and possesses phytochemicals, gallic acid and ellagic acid. It is the rich source of essential fatty acids. Amla oil’s anti inflammatory properties and anti-microbial properties helps in keeping the scalp clean and clear of dandruff and other scalp infections.
Benefits of Amla Oil
Amla hair oil is an exceptionally beneficial and enriching for hair growth. Amla meets expectations by entering deep into the hair and scalp, fortifying the hair shaft and feeding it. Regular usage of Amla hair oil will work as the tonic for your scalp and hair thereby results in soft, shiny and healthy hair growth. It won’t be wrong to say that amla hair oil is the complete nourishment from root to tip.

1) Condition astringent – Deep condition can be achieved with the help of amla oil as it easily and quickly absorbs in the scalp. Pamper and nourish your hair with amla oil massage.
2) Prevents Premature Graying – Amla oil when used regularly has proved time and again to maintain the dark colour of hair. To delay the graying of your hair start using amla oil on regular basis.
3) Strengthen the roots – thereby prevents hair loss and promotes healthy growth. It won’t be wrong to say that regular amla hair oil massage results in hair strengthening and hair growth naturally. When used regularly, this hair oil makes the hair stronger from within.
4) Controls Dandruff - Amla is filled with anti – bacterial properties thereby helps in controlling the problems of scalp with regards to dandruff. Soak tulsi leaves in amla oil for couple of days. Apply on the affected area for better results.
5) Prevents Split ends - Amla oil has been proved to strengthen the hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth thereby results in preventing split ends.
6) Scalp Cleansing – Cleansing Agent thereby nourishes hair. Due to presence of anti-bacterial and astringent properties, amla hair oil, helps in preventing infection to the great extent.
7) Treat dry & frizzy hair – Make amla oil your best friend if you are suffering from rough and damaged hair. Amla oil is one of the best oil available in Indian market to make your tresses smooth and silky.

8) Improves hair quality and promotes shine - Amla oil is known to be effective for improving hair quality.
9) Excellent Pre-poo oil - Massaging your hair before shampooing is important to improve blood circulation. Amla hair oil is the great product to be used for prepoo and it is very effective to provide the required nutrition to your hair thereby improving the quality of scalp and hair.
10) Control in hair fall - Calcium C Deficiency, lack of cleanliness and dryness in hair results in breakage. Amla hair oil helps in resolving all the above problems and helps in maintaining hygiene thereby controlling the excessive hair fall.
11) Promotes good night sleep and release stress and tension. Cons of using Amla Hair Oil
Let us now talk about the other side of Amla oil for hair. As famously said every coin has two sides, there are few disadvantages associated with using Amla oil for hair on the regular basis.
1) Not suitable in winter season / to people who are prone to cold. Many people have experienced sinus problems during winter season after applying amla oil.
2) You have to be patient to see the results. It surely helps in the healthy hair growth but if you are the person who is looking for quick result, amla hair oil will disappoint you. However, the results will be amazingly beneficial if the amla oil is applied on scalp for 5 – 6 months regularly.
3) Pure amla oil is difficult to get. Artificial fragrance and preservatives are added in amla hair oil that is available in market. It is better to opt for the home made amla oil for maximum benefits.
Gift yourself with healthy and shinny hair by adding the amla hair oil massage into your hair care routine. Click here to read how to use amla oil for maximum benefit.

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