Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Scarf: Must have for 2 wheeler travelers

Scarf: Must have for 2 wheeler travelers

Long drives is the ultimate fun during the cold winters. Isn't? Clear roads, cool winds, no signals, my two wheeler and me. Whenever I get the chance I pounce on it and move out to ride. Though I prefer riding than sitting behind, but there are certain times when the driver is not me.
As it is said every coin has two sides, similarly, no matter how much fun it is to ride but it leaves out the bad effect on skin and hair due to reasons like pollution, harmful sun rays, etc.
Well, don't fret out. There is this one accessory which can prevent us from all the problems. It is called scarf.
Reasons why wearing scarf is good while for the ones riding a two wheeler:
Scarf, apart from fashion and styling proves to be a great protection from sun and wind. It protects your hair from the mess and thereby prevents from tangling.
Scarf also helps in protecting your make up and keeps the dirt at bay. The moisturized skin and lips are prone to attract dirt. This dirt if not cleaned go inside the skin and spoils the quality of your skin. To prevent it make use of scarf
Scarf plays an important role in preventing us from the harmful sun rays thereby prevent our skin from tanning.
As mentioned in the opening paragraph, scarf prevents us from inhaling the harmful gas that is generated because of the pollution.

Other obvious reasons why scarf is good to wear
It protect us from foul odour
It protect us from mosquitoes
It also helps to avoid glimpses and stares from the roadside Romeos
To stay cool during summer
To stay warm during winter

Share with us do you wear a scarf while riding? If yes what are your reasons?
Image Source: Girl on Two Wheeler wearing scarf



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