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9 simple ways to keep your eyes healthy

First impression is the last impression. It has been said that the first thing the person notice is the eyes. I am sure that you would like to give the good first impression. Healthy eyes give the positive reaction to others. Hence today I thought of compiling the basic things that helps in keeping our eyes healthy. Read on and share your comments.

1) Exercise: Exercise is not only important for our body but also for our eyes. There are different types of exercise that you can follow like direction exercises, focus exercise, muscle strengthening exercises, exercise with your closed eyes etc. Click here to read complete article on how to exercise your eyes.

2) Diet: It is also important to maintain the healthy diet to give the required nutrition to your eyes. Food items like carrots, tomatoes, spinach, kale, fish, almonds, quinoa, oranges etc are good for the health of eyes. Click here to read complete article on food to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful

3) Drink plenty of water: Drinking enough water in a day is not only important for your body but also for your eyes. However generalizing the statement of having 8 glasses of water is not the correct thing. Because according to me the quantity of water a person should consume depends upon variety of factors. Click here to read how much water is enough to drink?

4) Proper Rest: A tight eight to ten hours of night sleep every day is essential for maintaining the health of our body in general and of our eyes in particular. You can get the relief from the common problems of eyes by following this rule in your life.

5) Hydration: One of the most important aspects to keep your eyes healthy is to keep it well hydrated. You can keep your eyes hydrated by washing it carefully after regular intervals. However do not over wash your eyes. It would instead result in dry eyes. Also there are liquid drops available in market which helps in lubricating in your eyes. Contact your eye specialist for the appropriate liquid drops for your eyes.

6) Pamper your eyes: Go for the eye massage once a month. It soothes your eyes and gives you the calming effect. You can also make use of potatoes / cucumber slice and place it on your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes to give the much required relief to your eyes.


7) Visit eye specialist: Visit your eye specialist once in a year to examine your eye’s health. If you are suffering from regular itching, blurred vision or watery eyes visit the doctor immediately. Click here to read the common eyes problems and their solution.

8) Cleanliness: It is important to keep your eyes clean to maintain the eyes health. Wash your eyes with room temperature water after getting up in morning and before going to bed in night. Also it is important to clean it after regular intervals.Click here to read an article on precautions to keep in mind while washing the eyes.

9) Avoid junk and salty food: Water retention increases because of more salt intake. This results in puffy eyes. Try to limit the intake of salty food and avoid junk food. Junk foods are high in content of salt and sugar which is not good for your eyes.


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