Friday, 7 March 2014

List of Foods to Avoid for Kids or Childrens

List of Foods to Avoid for Kids/Childrens

1) Fruit Cakes - You would be reading this almost on an everyday basis while buying "Made of Orange, Apple, Strawberry, etc.". But these fruit cakes are as sugar-filled as a candy. The fact that they stick to kids teeth brings lots of cavities.

2) Sweetened drinks - Avoid fruit drinks since they are made up of fruit preservatives but not of real fruits as we see while buying. The fruit preservatives are made of rotten fruits which are highly dangerous for chindrens. They affect the immune system. Also, due to high sugar content they are harmful for kids. Scientists say that if they aren't made from 100 per cent juice, their nutritional worth is as low as soda. Rather encourage children to have whole fruits plus lots of milk and water.

3) Fast Food - This includes a big list of junk foods that attracts mostly children. Foods liks french fries, burgers, stuff made of breads, etc. are strictly to be avoided. They are hard to digest. The biggest disadvantage of such food is that it becomes very difficult for childrens to develop a taste for other vegetables. Its been seen that childrens who consumes lots of junk foods does not find taste in healthy vegetables.

4) Packaged noodles/Pasta - This is made of Maida and they are very very low in nutrition. Additionally they are rich in sodium content which is harmful for children if consumption goes above the normal levels. Strictly make a habit to avoid foods like Maggi, Pasta, noodles.

5) Soft Drinks - Say no no to this. High Sugar content plus lots of chemicals which are not at all suitable for chindren under 8 years of age.

6) Cheese - Cheese is a good source of fats but this is not required for childrens. A slice of cheese can contain over 100 calories and 10 grams of fat, which is not at all required for kids under 6 years of age.



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