Thursday, 10 April 2014

When well paid plans in life go awry, what is the best thing to do?

Nice question asked on Women's Web When well paid plans in life go awry, what is the best thing to do?

I thought about it, many things came in my mind from anger to frustration, from trying again to accept the failure. However. after reasoning out with each thought, I could come up with one solution which has worked most of the times. Check it out and let me know if you agree with the same.
When well paid plans in life go awry
Out of the order is the situation each and every
Failure is what making you high and dry
Everything around is just hue and cry
What is the best thing to do?
What would be the solution, you have no clue?
There seems to be nothing that is making you woo
You just want to get it through
One thing is what I can suggest
To reduce the over growing stress
To overcome being depressed
That can make you feel blessed
Following which can bring the season of spring
Can make you again dance and sing
Happiness is what you are blindfolding
Achieve that by just doing “NOTHING”

Yes you read it right
Doing nothing is what will make you bright
Everything will then be alright
You will again be in the spotlight

Say nothing
Think nothing
See nothing
Feel nothing
Plan nothing
Try nothing
Doubt nothing
Assume nothing
Debate nothing
Understand nothing
Judge nothing
Relate nothing
Do nothing
Absolute nothing

Break all that is piled
Be pure as a small child
Everything will then be compiled
You will again be seen with a beautiful smiled.

A person tries everything by giving more than hundred percent to achieve what he dreams. But, however, sometimes he fails irrespective of putting the maximum efforts and using the right approach. During these times people usually take stress and try to reason out, think of the alternatives and still question and look for the answers.
I, say, when you have tried your best yet things go haywire than you should calm down. Leave everything beside and do nothing. Be blank, take rest and forget what has happened. Give time to rejuvenate yourself.
Once you have got the strength, set another goal. Make new plans. Now devote all your energy in achieving this new goal. Inside out just think about this new goal and plan on how to achieve the same. This is one of the best ways to forget the failures you have experienced last time.
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