Saturday, 12 April 2014

8 basic changes in kitchen for healthy life.

Health of the family depends upon how we keep our kitchen. Today, I am going to list down the ten basic things following which can help you and your family to lead the healthy life. In case if you are on the Weight Loss Mission than this post is the must read.

1. Storage of healthy food: Keep the healthy food at the eye level in the refrigerator or compartments. You should place them in such a way that it is easily available. Keep all fruits and vegetables at the eye level or not below the chest level while keep chips, cold-drinks and all junk food at the bottom of compartments or at the top level.

2. Size of the utensils: Use wider utensils in case of healthy food and smaller ones keep it for unhealthy ones. Filling portion in the smaller containers will be less which will indirectly results in lesser intake of junk food.

3. Measurement Utensils: Make use of measurement utensils instead of adding the ingredients while preparing the food. For instance, pouring oil without the spoon has the higher chances of more inclusion of oil as compared to when poured with the help of the measuring spoons.


4. Availability of the Healthy Food: It is important to keep the tab on the quantity available of healthy food. You should start purchasing once there are only last 2 portions are available. This way, you will not have an excuse of indulging in junk food because of non availability of food.

5. Quantity: Use bigger compartments for the leafy vegetables, fruits and smaller ones for junk food. Appearance plays a bigger role and will give the impression that junk food containers are filled more as compared to healthy food items

6. Be prepared: If you do not get time in the morning, it is better to do preparation the night before whatever you can. For instance, you can keep the vegetables chopped the night before. This will prevent you from giving the reason of not cooking food in morning because of no time.


7. Use multi coloured food: Include multi coloured items and lots of variety in your meals. This has the twin benefit. 1) You will get the visual pleasure of too many things in the plate. 2) Because of multiple food items, there is lot of space utilized to keep the food segregated in the plate, yet the plate looks full. Top of it, eating variety of food ensures the intake of various essential nutrients

8. Have patience: It looks tempting to taste food as soon as it is prepared. But in the name of tasting sometimes we eat the entire bowl. Best way is to take your portion in the appropriate dishes and serve only when it is the time to eat the meal.

These basic things, when followed regularly, contribute in the huge way in maintaining the health and fitness.
Image Source: Food Storage | Measuring Utensils | Variety of Food | Be Prepared


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