Saturday, 19 April 2014

10 things to keep your mind healthy

Healthy mind and healthy body go hand-in-hand and are the key for the successful people. Ones who are gifted with healthy mind has the ability to take the rational decisions in day to day life. People with healthy mind not only lead the successful life but also the satisfying one. These people do things in certain way and many things they avoid to do. Looking at the successful people, I have noticed certain things that are common in them. So, today I thought of consolidating the points which I have encountered that most of the strong willed people do that helps them to maintain the health of their mind.

1. Quick to move on: Success and failures are part and parcel in journey of life. Neither successful people celebrate the success nor they grief on the failures for the longer period of time. I am not saying that they do not celebrate or they do not grief. But, they quickly take steps to move on. When they get success, they celebrate and move on to the another target to achieve. In the same way, when they fail, they grief and quickly move on to check out on how to rectify the same. First lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to move on in life

2. Full control: The strong willed people have the full control on their emotions. They are the ones who do not get upset if superior authority has shouted on them or get angry when any subordinate has not performed the tasks according to their expectations. The mind of such people are well-centred. Second lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to have full control of your emotions.

3. Change is the key: One of the best thing they understand and follow is to accept the change. Change is going to happen, no matter what. The only thing that is certain is "Change". Accepting it will give the peace of mind. Third Lesson for the strong and healthy life is to accept that change is inevitable.

4. Stop wasting energy: Healthy mind will not waste energy on the things that are beyond their control. For example, healthy mind will not crib on traffic instead they will utilize the time in doing something fruitful, like may be call up a friend or two or read the book. Forth Lesson is to utilize your energy to benefit your body, mind and soul.

5. Real People: Successful people are real in their approach irrespective of situations and people. It is not important that you have to please everyone around at all the times. What is important is to have your say and move on. Do not take stress unnecessary. But be real and truthful in what you say. Fifth Lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to stop pleasing everyone and being real.


6. Take Decisions: Don't waste time to over analyze the situation. Take decisions, no matter if you have to take risks. There are 50% chances of failures but there would be 50% chances of success as well. Sixth lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to take decision.

7. Learn from the failures: Successful people do not repeat the mistakes. They do fail but they learn the lessons from the failures. They distinctively recognize the reasons of past failures and never repeat them. Seventh lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to learn not only from successful incidents but also from the failures.

8. Don't be jealous: Healthy minded people are happy on other's success and not jealous. You are going to be restless if you envy on the other people success. Instead spend your energy to learn the things on how they have achieved the success and implement them with your own uniqueness. Eighth lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to celebrate other's success

9. Don't surrender after the first failure: Every successful person has at one point or the other has experienced the failure in life. They became successful by re-trying till the success is achieved. Ninth lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to try try till you succeed.


10. Don't expect quick results: Successful people do not expect everything at the earliest possible date. They divide their goals into small, medium and long term period. Accordingly work on them without expecting the result of all the goals in the short period of time. Another key is that they set the achievable targets, neither too hard nor too soft on themselves. Tenth lesson for the strong and healthy mind is to set the achievable target with the proper timelines in both personal as well as in the professional areas.

These are the ten most important things that I have observed in the strong willed successful people. What do you think? Is there any specific thing that you have observed that is common in them? Share with us, we would love to hear from you.


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