Monday, 21 April 2014

How to deal with stress at work

Stress is the top most factor for the lifestyle risk indicated by Towers Watson company which recently conducted the Staying@Work survey. "Almost 1 in every 3 Indian employers has instituted stress or resilience management programmes in 2013 and an almost equal number plan to follow suit in 2014. With stress being ranked as #1 lifestyle risk factor in India, this number is likely to grow," the report said. Working hard is fine. But problem is with overwork which result in stressful life. Stress when taken over the period of time can results not only the lower productivity at work but also affects on the health of the person.
Main Factors Affecting Stress @ Work
Before looking at how to deal with stress let us first look at what are the main factors responsible for stressful life at work
1) Inadequate Staff
2) Uneven Workload
3) Imbalance in work and personal life
4) Conflicting Job Expectations
5) Pressure to work the best because of rising competition
6) Pressure of being laid off
7) Everything required at the finger tips
8) Increased expectations of customers
9) Responsibility without any authority to employes
10) Lack of innovation and repetitive work

Check if you are stressed
1) Regular headaches and constant tiredness yet facing sleeping problems
2) Feeling irritated, depressed all the time without any interest in day to day life
3) Feeling neglected by others.
4) Being aggressive and lost the humor in life.
5) Being in the denial mode that you have any problems or trying to run away from problems
6) Finding it difficult to convey your true feelings to near and dear ones.
7) Suffering from cramps, feeling of pins and needles and restlessness
8) Craving for food yet not feeling to eat
9) Fear of being in the problematic situation or be a failure all the time
10) Suffering from constipation or diarrhoea or heartburn or indigestion
Taking Control of Stress before it controls you
Your work should interest you. The best way to reduce stress at work is to turn your hobby into your work. Below are general rules that can help in reducing stress and help you enjoy work.

1) Keep a to-do list
2) Take breaks
3) Take care of yourself by Healthy Eating, Exercise and Good Night sleep
4) Take a professional help
5) Do the variety of things, be innovative
6) Identify the situation and your capacities and accordingly take the responsibilities
7) Learn to say No
8) Learn new things
9) Accept Mistakes and grow from it
10) Don't do things that are supposed to be done tomorrow
Other Measures
1) Identify the situations / people under which the stress is being created. Try to overcome the situation by ignoring the things that build up stress. Or avoid being in those situations.
2) Be receptive of criticism
3) Delegate responsibilities


Relax in 5 minutes
1) Relax and take a deep breathe
2) Eat choclates or the food items that you love to eat
3) Count Backwards
4) Munch on Crunchy Snacks
5) Mediate
6) Close your eyes and think nothing
Now is your turn. Let us know how you tackle stress at office?


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