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Vegetarians against Meat Eaters: 6 Facts!

It seems that argues over what is healthier – vegetarianism or non-vegetarianism – will never stop. Still, there are facts capable to shed some light on this controversial question. What is your opinion? Is it healthier to give up on eating beefsteaks?

Fact 1 Approximately one billion people are vegetarians. Some do not want to kill animals and make them suffer. Others adhere to a vegetarian diet because of religious beliefs. And of course, there are people who choose this lifestyle to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Fact 2 Compared with those who eat meat, vegetarians suffer from diverticular disease 30% more rarely. In 2011 an article by Francesca Crowe and her colleagues has been published. The scientists examined 47 033 people, 33% of them were vegetarians. During the observation period (over 10 years) diverticulosis was diagnosed for 812 patients. The authors suggest that vegetarians are less likely to face this disease due to eating more fiber.

Fact 3 Death rates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians are the same. This conclusion was made by experts of Oxford University. In 1999 scientists headed by Klim McPherson analyzed 27808 lethal outcomes of among vegetarians and 48,364 cases among non-vegetarians. People aged 16 to 89 years died of the most common diseases. The number of deaths caused by gastric cancer, colorectal cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer and cerebrovascular was the same for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Though, the death rate from coronary heart disease was 24% lower among vegetarians.

Fact 4 25% of vegetarians take medicine containing animal-origin components, as they don’t pay attention to information about the composition of the prescribed medications. The remaining vegetarians either involuntarily agree to take such drugs if an alternative method of treatment does not exist, or refuse to take them. In 2011 experts from the Manchester Royal Infirmary headed by Stephen Payne interviewed 500 patients, trying to figure out whether they are interested in the origin of the components of drugs. 176 of 200 respondents would prefer to take medication, consisting exclusively of plant components. Scientists believe that drug manufacturers must put special marks to the boxes that will help vegetarians to choose the "right medicine".


Fact 5 Veganism is the most severe form of vegetarianism. People do not eat dairy products, eggs, honey, and they refuse to wear fur and leather.

Fact 6 The risk of hospitalization and death from cardiovascular disease is 32% lower for vegetarians, compared to meat eaters. This is the conclusion of researchers at Oxford University led by Timothy Key. The authors of a study published in 2013 examined the health state of 44,561 patients from England and Scotland during 11 years. 34% of them were vegetarians. It was found that vegetarians are less prone to cardiovascular disease, even if take into account other risk factors. Body mass index and blood cholesterol of vegetarians was lower as well.

Yes, vegetarianism gives us a slight hope to live healthier and longer life. Judging from the above facts, it seems real to get rid of probable health risks by means of vegetable diet. Still, meat eaters will kindly remind you an unforgettable taste of just fried steak and highlight that life is boring without delicious food. Who is right? Obviously, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

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