Saturday, 26 April 2014

Step Outside for Workout This Summer

To break the boredom of gym and to enjoy the mother nature, today I am listing down the outdoor activities that can help you to remain fit this summer.
Trekking: Trekking helps to reveal the mother nature and make you fall in love with the surroundings. You have the benefit of enjoying the fresh air with your family and friends yet giving your body the exercise it requires.

Snorkeling: If you are fond of waters and marine life, Snokel would be the best bet for summers. Snorkeling helps you to enjoy the under water experience.

Kayaking: By using the double bladed paddle, kayak proves to be the good exercise for the upper body especially for the shoulders and chest. It won't be wrong to say that kayaking is the most popular water sport.

Swimming: Swimming helps in giving the exercise to the complete body. What is better than being in the water to avoid ever increasing heat

Outdoor Yoga: Yoga in the open ground is another good option to try in summer.

Rock Climbing: Rock climbing helps to improve the cardiovascular health apart from toning the muscles. You can take your partner along to enjoy while climbing during these summers

Run near the beach
Running is one of the best way to get into shape. If you have the benefit of beach near your house, this is the good time to wear your shoes and enjoy the cool breeze while running at the sunrise time.

Skipping is another good exercise and popular activity to improve the overall health which can be enjoyed around the beech or in the garden during these summers.

Now it is your turn. Do you like to do / skip the exercise because of unbearable heat during this summer season? If you do, which is the best exercise during the summers?
Image Source: Trekking | Rock Climbing | Run on the beach


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