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10 brushing mistakes we do daily

10 brushing mistakes we do daily

1) Brush too hard: Teeth are not floor tiles / marbles that the harder we rub, the cleaner it become. It only takes slow and soft moves of brush on teeth to clean it. Avoid brushing too hard as it makes your teeth weak in the long run

2) Using brush for too long: Life of your teeth is inversely proportional to life of your tooth brush. Don't extend your tooth brush usage beyond 45 days.

3) Brush horizontally: It is a general observation that people brush horizontally i.e. goes left goes right and so on. But the correct way to brush is to go up - down up - down with your brush on teeth. Brush your teeth in vertical strokes for better cleaning of bacteria.

4) Use wrong brush size: Don't get lured with the "Buy 1 get 1 free" schemes or family pack. Make use of correct brush size according to the size of your mouth.

5) Use of Hard Bristles: While buying the brush, check out the bristles type. It should be either soft or ultra-soft bristles

6) Duration of brushing: It is often observed that people either brush too much of time or too little. Both are ineffective for your tooth health. Correct duration to brush your teeth is around 120 seconds. Yes, it just takes only 2 minutes to clean your entire mouth.


7) Brushing on gums: You do not require brushing on your gums. To get the gums clean, it all requires the good rinse to clean up the gums

8) Skipping inner tooth surface: The inner part of your teeth is not visible to anyone not even you, but they are the part of your teeth. Hence, it is equally important to clean your inner tooth surface as it is the outer one. Clean every tooth including the last one inside out for better health of teeth

9) Skip brushing before sleep: Being lazy or being too tired is just excuses that we have to keep aside. It just takes 2 minutes to clean up your teeth before hitting the bed.

10) Taking too much tooth paste: Though it is in interest of tooth-paste companies to take the tooth paste in the large quantity (for obvious reasons) but it is advisable to take the paste half the size of your tooth brush.

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Now it is your turn: Do share what mistakes you do while brushing and how you have overcome those.
Image Source: New & Old Tooth brush | Too much tooth paste


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