Friday, 2 May 2014

10 things to do daily during summers

Heat is increasing day after day. Many doctors have advised to avoid going in sun during the peak hours especially the afternoon time when sun is at the highest burning stage ie 12 pm to 4 pm. In case it is urgent to step out, take proper precaution to avoid the sun burn and sun stroke.

What is important during these days is to take all the more care of your health. So today, I am consolidating the must have incorporation on the daily basis for better health, for better skin and for hair.
Drink more water: If you are drinking 8 glass of water on the normal day, increase the quantity and drink now to 10-12 glasses of water. Well, there is no defined quantity on how much water you should drink but here I am saying, whatever you normal quantity of intake of water, add couple of glasses more during the summer season. Must read this article to know how much water is essential for human body

Opt for Watery Fruits & Vegetables: Get the habit of having more watery fruits & vegetables to keep yourself hydrated. Tomatoes, cucumber, lemon, zucchini, celery, watermelon, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, red bell Pepper, strawberry, broccoli, grapefruit, peach, cranberry, cantaloupe, apricot, blackberry, apple are the healthy options to have in summer

Bath more than once: Now this is not a tip. Taking bath more than once helps to cleanse up our skin from inside out. After the sweaty day it is important to clean your body before going to sleep. If you cannot afford to take bath more than twice, no problem, but two times is the must.

Wash hair more frequently: Yes, wash hair more frequently and take time to oil it the prior day. Washing, as and when, you feel your hair greasy and not so fresh opt for washing it without a second thought. Make use of mild shampoo so as to not destroy the health of the hair. Oiling the prior day or at least couple of hours will work wonders to maintain the good health of hair


Splash water after coming from outside: Every time after stepping in from outside make it a habit to splash the water on face and eyes. Cleanse your face thoroughly. Clean your hands and legs. In short cleanse all the exposed area by water immediately after coming from outside

Apply Sunscreen: Applying sunscreen is not the new tip but it is the must one in the summer days. You should be regular with applying sunscreen not only when you go outside but also when you sit in the shade. No one wants to get their skin destroyed from the harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Sunscreen gives the protective shield to the skin.

Wear Sunglasses: Another important thing to do is to wear sunglasses as and when you step outside in sun. Wear your favorite shades to avoid getting your eyes affected by the harmful rays

Cover your face and hair: Though Vitamin D is important but not the harmful rays of sun. So cover your face and hair with the trending and colorful scarfs.


Wear cotton clothes: Our skin loves the cotton clothes. So preferably pack all the other material clothes and keep it at distance. Keep all the cotton fabric at your eye level and use them during these heaty summers.

Apply Deodorant: It goes without saying that you do not wish to be a smelly person at any point of time. Make use of deodorant more often if you sweat a lot.

Now it is your turn. Share with us and our reader’s that one habit that you just cannot go without in summers.
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