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Harmful Effects Of Sucralose Splenda

Harmful Effects Of Sucralose Splenda

This post is to inform the readers about the negative/harmful effects of Sucralose Splenda on human body.

Most of the people wants to avoid sugar to prevent them from being fat as well as diabetes. In such cases, people goes for the option of artificial sweeteners. Sucralose sweeteners is one of them.

Sucralose is sold under the brand name Splenda and has got an approval from Food and Drug Administration as a tabletop sweetener.

Many a times, people avoid sugar to prevent themselves from Diabetes, but these artificial sweeteners are the ones that are the main cause of type Diabetes.

On one of the blog, I studied that "Sucralose is about 600 times as sweet as table sugar (sucrose), three times as sweet as aspartame, and twice as sweet as saccharin."

There are many harmful effects of Sucralose as explained below

1) Diabetes : As explained above, artificial sweeteners is the main cause of Type 2 Diabetes.

2) Weight Gain & Obesity : Sucralose kills the necessary bacteria that are useful in food digestion. This results in more fat generation around belly and generates bad cholesterol.

3) Disturbs Insulin levels : Sucralose directly affects the insulin levels in the body. This results in type 2 diabetes

4) Headaches : Consumption of some artificial sweeteners can cause mild side-effects such as nuisance headaches and possible migraine headaches.

5) Skin and Eyes : Makes the skin and eyes itchy, swollen, or watery.

6) Cancer : Splenda’s already proven to damage DNA. Damaged DNA alone can cause cancer.

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