Saturday, 14 June 2014

Harmful Side Effects Of Cold Drinks

Harmful Side Effects Of Cold Drinks

Soft Drink is dangerous. The production cost of soft drink is even less than 1 Rupee (INR). How come such a product that is being produced at such a cheap rate would be beneficial for the body. It does not have even a single health benefit still large number of people consume it on an every day basis.

People consume because they find their iconic stars are endorsing them, so they feel it would be good for health. Big no for a cold drink

How does it affect the human body:

1) Sugar Content : Soft drinks contains very high amount of sugar. This sugar increases the chances of Diabetes Level 2.

2) Kidney & Liver : The harmful toxic products used in cold drinks damages kidney and livers in the long run

3) Cancer : Researchers have found that cold drink consumption increases cancer chances in a human by 33%

4) Dehydration : Due to high amounts of sugar, sodium and caffeine, it makes the body release too much water and makes the body dehydrated. Tips to avoid dehydration in summer

5) Obesity : Since it contains sugar and fats in large quantity, chances of obesity are very high. It generally brings up the amount of bad fat around the belly area.

6) Blood Pressure : Due to caffeine content, it rises the blood pressure of the body. The body temperature fluctuate too much after soft drink consumption

7) Asthma : Sodium preservatives found in cold drinks may cause asthma

8) Tooth Enamel : Sodium preservatives and acid easily dissolves the tooth enamel making the teeth weaker.


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