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Best Indoor Exercises to Lose Weight

My inner voices (Lazy Me & Active Me) fight with each other when the time is to hit for the exercise.
Lazy Me: “It is so hot outside. It is getting difficult day after day to go out in morning for jogging and running.”
Active Me: “Don’t worry you have to gear yourself up. It is you who will be benefited with the exercises.”
Lazy Me: “I know but all my stamina goes away because of this hot I must say ever hot sun as soon as I start it.”
Active Me: “I know you will not budge. Let me give you some tips on how to remain indoors and yet be Fit”
Lazy Me: “No don’t go further; I don’t have enough time to join the gym now. You already know so many things needs to be tackled.”
Active Me: "You found another excuse. That’s it. Let me tell you, you can get fitter even by not going to gym. Ok I don’t underestimate here the importance of gym. I am just motivating you as you are stuck up at the moment with other priorities. You surely have to kick start and join it as soon as you have enough time. However till that time let’s do something at home"
Lazy Me: "Stop it man. I am so upset. Neither I have enough money to afford high tech machineries that gym has nor do I have any space left in my room to keep those machineries. It is all dreamy. Leave it” Active Me: “You are here to just talk and talk and give excuses. Let me take you to the article on Indoor Exercises that are available on Fitness Beauty Plus Website. I am sure it will change your attitude."
Hello Lazy Bees. Welcome. Many people leave the outdoor workout due to various reasons ranging from climate changes to less availability of time / money. There are other times when we are out of the city may be on some picnic / work related trip it becomes very difficult to find out the correct way to exercise. Whatever you reason is don’t be afraid. The Fitness section of Fitness Beauty Plus is here to encourage you on how to get yourself fit through various kind of endurance, strength, flexibility and balance based exercise which can be performed indoors.
Advantages of working indoors - Very Little Preparation, Convenience, Privacy, Can take care of children who can’t be left alone, weather in your control, and so on and so forth.

Before moving further let us get ready for those exercises.
• Put up some music.
• Don’t forget to do the warm up.
• Be in comfortable clothes.
• Wear the shoes.
• Stay hydrated.


Let me introduce you to some of the indoor exercise. Exercise can be divided into following four categories. For each category I will mention the meaning, advantages, disadvantages, techniques and conditions when it should be avoided in the future posts.

Flexibility Exercise – Stretching is the key in doing flexibility exercises. By regularly doing flexibility exercise you will gain the freedom of movement with lesser muscle tensions.
o Head Nod, Tilt and Turn
o Shoulder and upper arm stretch
o Arm, Wrist and Elbow Circles
o Side bend and stretching
o Upper body stretch
o Leg Stretches
o Calf stretch
o Hip, Ankle and Knee Circles
o Yoga or Pilates

Endurance / Cardiovascular – All type of Aerobic exercise falls under this category. Cardio means “heart” and vascular refers to blood vessels. If performed regularly these kind of exercise will help in healthier lungs and heart. It helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body.
o Brisk walking or jogging
o Yard work (mowing, raking, digging, gardening)
o Dancing
o Swimming
o Bicycling
o Climbing stairs or hills
o Playing tennis
o Playing basketball


Strength Training – Also known as Resistance training which helps in building strong bones and muscles. If you have to put an extra effort on walking or carrying the shopping bags it is because of the weak bones. To increase the stamina strengthen the muscles is the key.
o Lifting weights, elastic bands, plastic tubes
o Using a resistance band
o Calisthenics

Balance – The exercise that enhances balance and co-ordination falls under this category. This will definitely help in older age as at that age people are tend to lose balance. o Standing on one foot
o Heel-to-toe walk
o Tai Chi

Lazy Me: “My God. There are enough of options you have given to work indoors as well. Let me now stop giving any more excuses and move straight to making me fit. See you next time Active Me. Nice talking to you.”
Active Me: “Good to know that you are now convinced. Work hard and play harder for the healthy and fit life.”
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