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How to overcome breast feeding problems?

Being a mother makes you feel blessed and complete. Breast feeding is very important because mother’s milk is very beneficial for the baby. It can be digested easily. Breast milk is full of nutrients, proteins minerals, etc. Whatever mother consumes it passes to the baby through breast feeding.

Some women think the milk supply is insufficient. This creates tension and worry. This worry leads to formula (artificial) feeding. Stop and think again before opting for formula feeding. Do you genuinely suffer from a problem of low supply of milk or is it just your concern misleading you. Well insufficient milk production is rare. In fact many mothers have the capability to produce milk more than the suffice quantity of what child requires.
If you feel your present milk production is low still don’t worry, because it is the temporary situation. You can increase the supply of milk with the help of some corrective measures. You can consult your doctor anytime for medication. He can prescribe some medicines which can help you to increase milk supply. Our ancestors had homemade remedy for every possible problem. For low milk supply you can take cumin seeds ( 2 tbsp ) with milk thrice a day. Never feed a baby on empty stomach. Your supply would be definitely low at that time.
Below signs indicates that your milk supply is adequate:
✔ Baby urinates 7-8 times in a day.
✔ Passes a soft yellow stool once a day.
✔ Checks if your baby is gaining weight properly at least 150 gms or more per week after 2 weeks till 3 months.
✔ Your baby is healthy and alert.


✔ Iron deficiency in mothers body can lead to low supply of milk
✔ Stress can also decrease the supply of milk.
✔ Baby is not attaching well with breast.
✔ Giving artificial formula can also decrease the supply.
✔ If you take oral contraceptive pills during the breast feeding period can also low the supply of milk.
✔ Habit of smoking can become a cause of low supply of milk.
✔ Baby is not sucking your breast properly
✔ If you have done any breast surgery in the past.
✔ Medications can also be a reason for low supply. Intake of some medicines can reduce the supply. So consult your doctor first before taking any medication.
✔ No sound sleep.
✔ New born babies are mostly very sleepy. So while feeding they sleep and stimulate less. This will not help to increase the supply of milk.
✔ Nipples are cracked and they pain also. Need to treat quickly because this can result to less supply of milk.
✔ If you are suffering from thyroid you are more likely to face problem of low supply of milk.
✔ If feeding is not started immediately after birth.
✔ Jumping your scheduled feeding time table.
✔ Feeding only from one breast can lower the supply


To Increase Milk Supply:
✔ Feed frequently. At least every 2 hours.
✔ Breast feed as soon as possible after birth.
✔ If your supply is less hold the baby near your breast this can pass the sensation and thus increases prolactin hormone that produces milk. You should always be near to your baby while sleeping also this can help increase the flow.
✔ Munching while feeding your baby can also help increase the supply.
✔ Feed the baby from both the sides.
✔ If your baby is sleepy change the sides in every 10 minutes this will help you keep baby awake.
✔ Empty your breast to fill in more milk.
✔ If your baby does not empties your breast completely, do it with the help of pump
✔ Stop giving artificial formula
✔ Sound sleep; healthy and fresh food that helps in increasing milk supply.
✔ Eat only fresh food ( Avoid canned food, it contains lots of preservatives )
✔ Massage your breast.
✔ Certain medications can also help increase the supply. Consult your lactation doctor.
✔ Drink milk thrice a day. Eat healthy
✔ You can also feed baby between the feeding schedules so as to increase the supply.

Most important the first feed after baby’s birth i.e. yellow feed is must for your baby because this keeps your baby healthy and away from viral infections.

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