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Seven conditioner mistakes - Are you saved from these?

Are you doing these seven conditioner mistakes?
We all know that conditioner is very important to maintain the health of hair and to add that extra shine to it. Knowingly or unknowingly we sometimes handle our hair in such a way that, it not only affects the health of the hair but also results in more hair break down.
One of the research on hair washing behaviour show 43 percent of women do not apply conditioner at all. Out of 67 percent those apply conditioner, 76 percent apply conditioner in incorrect way while 81 percent of women do not properly remove the conditioner.
These shocking revelations show the need of spreading the knowledge of how important is it to apply conditioner and the correct ways of using it.

Let us first start looking at why it is important to apply conditioner: Due to the dust, pollution and washing hair with chemical based shampoo results in dryness in hair. Main purpose of conditioner is to get back the lost moisture of the hair. Maintaining the moisture of hair helps in making hair more manageable and smooth in texture. The main advantages of using conditioner after every hair wash are broadly:
Advantages of using conditioner
1) Preventing hair breakage and tangling
2) Make hair soft and smooth
3) By smoothing the cuticle makes each hair healthy
4) Enhances the condition of the hair
5) Hydrate dry hair ends thereby removing dullness from the hair
6) Increase the life of each hair

Choosing correct conditioner according to your hair type is as important as applying conditioner on hair. Out there you will find the variety of conditioners in the market. Manufacturers produce conditioner for each and every hair type.
Use Conditioner according to your hair type
Beauties with thin hair can use volumizing conditioners, while the dry and damaged hair beauties should go with extra moisturizing conditioners.
You should opt for balancing conditioners if you have oily hair type. Extra Moisturizing Conditioners are strict no-no for the ones who have oily hair type
Conditioners containing shea butter or nut oil are good for the curly hairs
The most difficult hair type is when you have the oily scalp with dry hair ends. Most of the people living in hot areas have this hair type. Also during summer season people tend to fall in this category of hair type. If you have oily hair with dry and damaged ends, apply regular shampoo on your scalp to clean the area and apply moisturizer at the hair end to make it smooth. Avoid the conditioners having silicone as it is supposed to damage the hair.


Common mistakes while using conditioners
Now, we know why the conditioner is important to use and the type of conditioner for each hair type. Let us now move ahead to see what are the common mistakes people do while applying the conditioner
1) Not squeezing water before applying conditioner: You should never apply the conditioner on water dipping hair. Before applying it squeeze the water completely from your hair.

2) Not using the proper quantity of conditioner: Quantity of the conditioner does not depend upon the dryness of the hair. You just require one tsp for the shoulder length hair. If you sport the long hair, take maximum of 1 ½ tsp for entire hair. Applying less or more will damage your hair.

3) Not applying conditioner on all the hair strands: Make sure you apply the conditioner on all the hair strands equally to ensure that each and every hair gets the required portion to strengthen itself.

4) Not applying conditioner for the required time period: It is important to rest your hair in conditioner for at the least fifteen minutes. After applying conditioner, wrap your hair in the shower cap. Rest for fifteen minutes and then go for the usual wash.

5) Not washing it properly: It is important to clean the residue completely after the required period of time. Sometimes due to hurry or laziness, we tend to not wash the conditioner completely from our hair. This results in damaging the hair. Hence it is important to ensure that before stepping out of the bathroom, you must clear your hair from the conditioner completely.

6) Conditioning only ends of the hair: Sometimes, it is important, moreover for dry hair girls, to apply conditioner on the scalp. However oily hair beauties should avoid applying conditioner on scalp completely. Conditioner should be properly applied not only on the ends but also on the middle part of the hair.


7) Not washing the back properly: Once your hair is completely washed from the conditioner, it is important to roll your hair in the bun / take it in front to ensure the back gets cleaned properly.

To reap the benefits, use the conditioner that’s right for your unique hair and avoid brushing your hair when wet.

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