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Healthy & Beautiful Face – Do you find it difficult to maintain?

Healthy skin is the dream of every girl. A beautiful and a healthy face build up your overall personality. As you take care of your health, taking care and grooming your face is also equivalently important to have a positive and long lasting impact. Each and every part of your face adds up the value.10 Most Simple and Effective Tips for Beautiful Young Looking Skin
Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Face

1. Drink lot of water: Human body is made up of small units called cells, similarly our face skin is also made up of cells. Cells are made up of water and loss of water will result in loss of hydration, which in turn will result in dry and flacky skin. A dry and flacky skin makes you look older than your age. So drinking good amount of water which results in hydrating your skin and in making your skin glow naturally.How much water is enough to drink?

2. Moisturize your skin: Sometimes drinking water is not enough to hydrate your skin, the reasons may be progression of age, any health issue, taking medicines for long period of time, or long term illness , weather changes, etc. During this period you have to moisturize your skin by externally applying moisturizers. Eating fruits rich in water like watermelon, papaya, orange, etc. will also help to hydrate your face skin.How to eat fruits the right way

3. Do regular cleanup of your face: Regular cleanup of the face adds to the radiance of the skin. Everyday our face is exposed to dust particles and if the same is not removed regularly it causes many skin problems like acne, which turns down the radiance of your skin. Also before going to bed it is very important to clean up all the make-up and set it free to make it breathe naturally. For regular cleanup you are not required to take beauty parlor appointment every time. You can do your cleanup at home with easily available items. Homemade Facial Masks for Glowing Skin
a) Cleaning your face with a cottons swab dabbed in milk (non-boiled) will help you to cleanse your skin.
b) Applying a curd and honey face mask will help you cleanse your skin and also nourish and moisturize your skin naturally
c) Rubbing a crushed cucumber will cleanse and tone up your skin
d) Applying a face mask of curd and cucumber will help you to cleanse and nourish your face.

4. Shaping up the eyebrows: The length, shape and thickness of your eyebrows can make or break the look. Before giving a shape to your eyebrow, draw and try different shapes of eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil and then go for the most suited shape. Use a good eyebrow pencil to give a final touch-up for a perfect shape of the eyebrow.


5. Eyelashes: The thickness, length and health of your eyelashes determine the beauty of your eyes. Nourishing the eyelashes increases the life of an eyelash. To nourish and moisturize your eyelash apply almond oil or castor oil to the eyelashes. Applying a petroleum jelly also moisturizes your eyelashes. Always apply the oil or petroleum jelly with the help of an unused mascara brush. Do not rub your eyelashes, as it may lead to breaking of eyelash.

6. Retain the beauty of your eyes: Eyes are the most delicate part of your face, taking care of your eyes will enhance the beauty and radiance of your face. Nourishing and moisturizing your eyes will give a good health to your eyes. Keeping a slice of cucumber on your eyes will moisturize your eyes naturally. For healthy eyes, eat fruits rich in Vitamin A, avoid direct contact with sunlight, chemicals and smoke. Avoid using a PC or smart phone screen for long time.Food to keep your eyes healthy and beautiful.
How to keep eyes beautiful and attractive naturally?

7. Healthy Lips: After eyes the most important and attractive part of your face is your lips. As your age increases your lips may turn dry. Maintaining the moisture of your lips naturally improves the health and beauty of your lips.
a) Scrubbing the lips with Sugar and honey will help to remove the dead skin of the lips.
b) Massaging with olive oil will nourish and moisturize the lips.
c) Applying tomato paste will help you to regain soft and pink lips.
d) Avoid harsh cosmetics on lips.
e) Do not apply lipstick for long time on lips.


8. Nose: Nose is the most prominent part of your face and nose is the 1st part of your face which is affected by the environment. Blackheads and whiteheads are most common problems which affects the beauty of your nose. Blackheads and whiteheads can be avoided if you scrub your nose with soap foam and sugar regularly. Take care of your nose as it reflects your personality.

Bottom line: Nourish and moisturize your face naturally for natural beauty. Love and care for your face and your face will make others love you.

Image Source: Foam on Girl's Face | Eyebrow Designs


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