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Top 8 back care tips

Top 8 back care tips

One most common problem that every child would have heard from their elders at home is the problem of backache.

Though sharp, acute or mild pain in the lower back side (backache) can be suffered by any age group people, backache problem is usually suffered by older age people (both men and women). Reasons like lack of rest, too much strain on back, bad posture, mechanical pressure, weak bones, sensitive nerves, gap between the vertebrae, etc results in the backache.

Home remedies like hot water bag massage, ice pack massage, applying cream like iodex or move can help to reduce the pain to the certain extent. However, if the pain is chronic and if you are suffering from more than a month it is the time to visit the doctor for the checkup.

Today, I am discussing on how to keep yourself away from the backache and how to strengthen your back. Let us begin with the most important top 8 tips for healthy and strong back

Back Strengthen Tips

1) Exercise your back: Exercise is important for each and every part of your body and back is not an exception. To strengthen your back, you have to put it into action. Walking every morning for 20 minutes, 2 minutes after every 20 minutes of continuous sitting and 20 minutes after the dinner is the best exercise to keep your body healthy. Apart from walking, exercise like swimming especially backstroke helps in keeping the back strong.

2) Bending Tips: When you bend on back, it puts pressure on the back muscles and thereby results in backache. Ensure that you do not bend your back but bend your hips and knees when you go down to pick up certain things. Also keep in mind not to twist your back and bend your back at the same time as this can result in too much strain on the back muscles resulting in backache

3) Lifting Advice: In order to avoid the pressure on your back muscles, whenever you carry the objects try and keep the objects close to your body and lift it. When the material is away from your body, there is the possibility that you lift by bending on your back. Hence always go close to the objects and then lift it to avoid straining your back.

4) Carrying Bags: If you are the office go’er there are higher chances that you carry a bag with you to and fro from your work place. Try taking the bags that are sling. Change the side of carrying the bag every few minutes. Wherever possible make use of rucksack to take loads.

5) Good Posture: Good posture is important to strengthen the back muscles. Good posture should be maintained while walking, standing as well as sitting. Do not sit / stand in lazy / slumping / hunching posture. Keep your back straight throughout your day. Good posture not only keep your back strengthen but also it gives you confidence in life. Make use of the chair that is having the backrest.

6) Maintain Ideal Weight: Being too heavy can result in strain on the back muscles while too light results in lack of protective tissues around the back muscles. So it is important to maintain the ideal weight i.e. neither too heavy nor too light.

7) Sleeping Position: Good posture is not only important while standing and sitting but also while sleeping. Make sure you are in the relax position while sleeping. Make use of good quality mattress that are suited to your body structure and gives you comfortable and peaceful sleep

8) Quit Smoking: According to the various researches published worldwide, it is observed that the supply of blood to discs of vertebrae is reduced because of smoking. This can result in sharp paid in the back. Avoid smoking in order to gift yourself the healthy back.

Friends, if you know any more tips to maintain the health of back, do let us know via comments. In case you are suffering from back ache this post is talking about home remedies to get relief from back-ache.

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