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How to maintain health during winters?

Winter season is the most loved season. Winters are around and I hope everyone out there is enjoying this cozy cool winds. With all the enjoyment, however this freezing temperature, low humidity brings with itself various health issues. Today I am going to compile how to remain healthy in winter season.

Improve your immune system: There is no question that healthy inside is healthy outside. Keep your immune system healthy and strong by intake of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins and minerals. Green leafy vegetables are the hit to keep your immune system strong. Fruits like papaya, oranges, grapes, etc helps too.

Exercise is important: Colder mornings are no excuse to avoid exercise. Exercise is the key to attain and maintain the fitness. When I say exercise, I nowhere say outdoor exercise. If you are not in a mood to step outside, opt for indoor exercise. Always remember that body movement is essential to remain fit.

Vitamin D: Once you follow the second point mentioned above, you body will feel warmer than before. Now as you are feeling warmer, move outside. By moving outdoors, you are giving the much required Vitamin D to your body. Your body will thank you enough for the sunshine on the colder days. This will automatically makes you happy and content in the start of the day. So move outside and sing “Give me some sunshine, don’t give any rain”

Hydrate yourself: It is common in winter season to not to feel thirsty. But it is very important to drink water at regular intervals. Read here to know How much water is enough to drink?Healthier options like soups and warm liquids also helps in keeping your body hydrated.

Sleep and sleep more: Though nights are longer than day during winter season, we tend and feel to sleep more during colder mornings. It is normal to feel this and I suggest enjoying the extra time resting during winter season

Stay Active: You love to stay indoors in the blanket having popcorn watching your favourite movie. Isn’t it looks like the dream? But to remain healthy in the winter season do not do that on regular basis. Sleeping more, being lazy is fine once in a while. However to maintain a good health it is important for your body to move and stay active. Being active helps your muscles to remain warm thereby making it less prone to injury


Stay Warm: Keep yourself warm by wearing scarves, socks and gloves. Looking stylish and fashionable is the added advantage of wearing these accessories.

Moisturize Baby: Worst part of winter is, it makes your skin and hair dry. Dry cool air makes it even worst. Well, not to be saddened, the beauty industry has found the solution for it. Make use of deep conditioning on your body and hair to make it smooth and loveable. Don’t forget to do moisturize your body on daily basis.

Keep infections at bay: Winter diseases like cold, cough, etc are always contagious in nature. The infection and virus spread faster if not kept cleanliness in mind. Make use of tissues; cover your mouth / nose, washing your hands are the basic requirements to keep the infection at bay

Eat healthy: Drinking soup is healthier option to keep your body hydrated. But adding the dollop of butter in the soup is not. You may love eating fried snacks during lazy cool evenings. But they are not the healthier options. Watch out what you drink and eat during winter season to remain healthy

Enjoy the cool cool winters but don’t forget to stay healthy
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