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How to deal with fluffy hair ?

It's so fluffy I could die”!
Many women have this problem, a problem of their hair to be fluffy and if in case with little Agnes from famous Despicable Me cartoon the fluffiness of the unicorn was something to be crazy about, here we see the opposite.
So, let us see when and how it problem occurs and how to fight it unless you love it but you need to know that once you have a long hair, it should look appropriate to please an eye and so there were no hair on your pillow, shoulders, hairbrush, all over your place to cut it short but on your head only.
Some may think that it is the structure of hair and nothing can be done about it but there is good news for women having this problem. There are ways out but first yes, it is the way your hair is structured but also the influence of outside factors like cold wind and the sun cause the problem, plus wrong treatment in the form of wrong shampoo, no using of other after shampoo cosmetic products and wrong type of hair brusher. Get a wooden hairbrush. This is the first thing you should do having this type of hair. Other kinds of hairbrushes are strictly forbidden to use.
Fluffy hair does not look good. It is annoying and it takes money and time to deal with it but are you not a woman? Do not you want to look good? Hair along with skin and nails should look good if you are a lady and, of course, your outfit needs to be neat even though it is not trendy. So, did you get a wooden hairbrush yet? Go get one and meanwhile, here are useful tips on how to get rid of fluffiness:
Your hair just like a delicate flower needs watering. It is highly important not to wash your hair with too cold or too hot water. Make it average. It is logical that it is fluffy because it is too dry and reminds of a desert in need of rain therefore, do not make a desert out of your head, and moisturize it. What you need is a shampoo with silicone in it and conditioner for easier brushing and make it look smooth. For those ones of you who have not tried it yet, it could be a good idea to try unwashable hair masks with the aim to moisture your hair.

Also, in the end of showering, pay special attention to the tips of your hair because normally these types of hair tend to split the most. Splash it with cold water and do not brush wet hair right away. In addition, what we normally do is rub it with a towel but that is something you should not do because it damages the structure of your hair making it more vulnerable. Blot it slightly only with a towel and hair dryer is forbidden to use for this type of hair. Let it get dry naturally.
It is also important not to wear your hair too tight regularly. In fact, the best way to wear it is to let it down. Try to avoid touching it through the day because this is also the way it gets dirty fast.
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