Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Most Easiest & Effective way to loose weight - Mindful Eating

No. I am not kidding. The easiest and most effective way to loose weight is Mindful Eating. Seventy-five percent of the problem of overweight will be resolved if we concentrate on how we eat instead of eating just for the sake of eating. In this multi-tasking world, we tend to do multiple things at a time. And eating is not an exception. Watching news or serials on television, teaching kids, reading books, working on PC, attending phone calls, answering door bells, conversation with family members, and so on and so forth are the few things that we unknowingly do while eating.
Bigger question is, 'Is it helping us? Is it giving us the energy in full to our body?' The answer simply is no. When you multi-task eating with even the small thing, our mind distribute the energy to all those tasks that we are doing at that moment equally. And hence the optimum utilisation of food that we are eating does not take place.
We need to eat in a manner that our digestive framework lives up to expectations all the more effectively. For that it is obliged to eat gradually and bite legitimately. With a specific end goal to eat gradually we ought to abstain from multitasking of any structure. Why? Well there are just advantages of doing just eating while eating.
To turn into a slow and careful eater: We all are well aware of the advantages of eating gradually and biting food appropriately. Multitasking is the primary guilty party of not permitting us to turn into the moderate and careful eater. Subsequently when we abstain from doing whatever else we consequently turn into a slow eater. Complete digestion is one of the principle advantages of moderate eating.
Digestion is the process of breaking down the food we eat in the way that our body starts absorbing it nutrients. The smaller the food particles, the lesser our body has to work to break down. Rather its full energy will now depend upon absorb the nutrients. Thus when we are the slow eater, we tend to chew it more and thereby the food is available in its smallest part to work on. It is hence all the more effectively dealing with engrossing and less on separating in this manner bringing about better absorption.

Eating nourishment obliges our entire attention: When we multi-task eating food, our attention is divided in multiple things. This results in less satisfaction and thereby results in less fulfilment. Less fulfilment will most likely results in including ourselves in eating incorrectly nourishment in wrong amount which is generally admission of more sustenance without much yearning. When we just eat without any diversion, our entire consideration is on eating food to the extent our body requires. When our body is full, it passes the signal to us. But we will know the signal only when we concentrate on what our body is telling us.
We tend to overeat because our attention is less on eating and more on other things that we are doing on simultaneously. Hence when we concentrate only on eating, we tend to eat only what our body requires. The problem of overeating gets resolved as soon as we forbid multi-task eating.
When our entire focus is on eating food to the smallest bite, we also subconsciously choose the food that is healthy and avoid eating junk food. This further helps us to maintain weight and health of ourselves.

To wrap up, in order to utilize the maximum energy from the food we eat, the requirement is to abstain from multi-tasking while eating. Start today and see the difference for yourself.
Image Source:Multi-tasking eating with driving and talking on phone


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